Zach Walters versus Phil Williams: No Go (for now)

Let me make it clear right up front that this is only my personal opinion.  I don’t presume to advise either fighter, and realistically, I could be 100% wrong.  Now that that’s out of the way…

Zach Walters

Zach Walters

Considering that the two leading light heavyweights in Minnesota lost this weekend, it’s natural to consider the possibility of a matchup between the two.  Zach Walters’ surprising knockout loss to the overmatched Shawn Hammack with 30 seconds to go in their eight-round bout must have knocked the Jungle Boy down a few pegs on the WBC worldwide rankings, but he presumably retains the WBC African Union belt and the NABA regional belt that he won this past winter and spring.  Add to that his still-impressive 23-3 record and an interesting personal history, and Walters is still a saleable commodity.  The fact is, the WBC wasn’t advancing him up the rankings only because of his record, impressive though it was.  The official rankings are also driven by politics and marketing concerns, and as long as Walters avenges the Hammack loss without incident, he should soon find himself back where he was before the unpleasantness of Sunday night.

Phil Williams

Phil Williams

Phil Williams came into his fight with Marcus Oliveira as a hot prospect and left as a warm one.  It isn’t as if he lost to a journeyman or a trial horse.  Oliveira is at least as hot a prospect as Williams was.  So two days after the loss to Oliveira, Williams was still thinking big (as he should), and his focus is on a rematch, not on the Minnesota heavyweight title.  Williams admits that he needs to work on some fundamentals that he has been neglecting, not surprising considering that he had won all eight of his professional bouts by knockouts.  With some quality instruction and diligent training you can expect to see Williams resume his climb of the worldwide rankings while continuing to compile Youtube-worthy highlights.

Bear with me for a moment as I attempt some simple logic:

Fact: Both Zach and Phil have their eyes set on something bigger than what the other currently has to offer.

Fact: Each man probably recognizes the risk that the other poses.

Fact: It’s likely that each man poses too great a risk to the other to make the conquest sufficiently rewarding.

The Fistic Mystic says: Don’t hold your breath for Walters -vs- Williams, at least not unless one of the two suffers another loss in the near future.  As things stand right now, they both have a lot going for them and don’t need each other.  For now.


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