Raphael Butler Comments on his September 4 Loss

Raphael Butler

Raphael Butler

In a fight that flew under the radar of most Minnesota fight fans, Raphael Butler took on 4-2-2 Homero Fonseca in Houston, Texas on September 4.  A fan who was at the fight reported that Butler came out swinging and then either lost interest or ran out of gas.  Butler’s comments on his surprising split decision loss follow:

On what happened in Houston: “…It was just a bad situation.  I wasn’t feeling like myself but even so that guy shouldn’t have made it out of the first round.  That’s my mistake.”

About the possibility of a rematch with Fonseca (suggested by the ubiquitous Cory Rapacz): “…I’d do it in a heartbeat, but I wouldn’t think he would do it; right now I’m his claim to fame.  But if it can be done I’d do it.”

On the much-discussed possibility of a fight between Butler and Joey Abell: “[That fight] has been talked about it for a while and we both have said that if the right amount of money is put up we would do it.  We are friendly, but business is business.”

And a personal message to Joey Abell, following Abell’s loss to Al Cole: “I’m sorry to hear about Joey’s last fight too.  Keep your head up, Joe.”


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