September 25 in San Jacinto: Truax is Out, Boxley is In

Caleb Truax is off the September 25 card in San Jacinto, CA.

Truax says that his planned opponent declined to fight him because the size difference between the two concerned him.  Other potential opponents were approached, but weren’t interested in the match.

Instead Truax will depart Sunday for Big Bear, where he’ll spar for a week with “some middleweight” scheduled to appear on the undercard of the big Kelly Pavlik-Bernard Hopkins even on October 18.

A quick scan of the schedule shows one middleweight fight is currently scheduled for that card, and it’s a 12 rounder between Marco Antonio Rubio and Enrique Ornelas.  Will it be one of those two?  Truax could not be reached for further comment.

Meanwhile, according to Jesse Kelley of, Wilshaun Boxley has announced that he has been added to the same card to face 2-0 Derrick Wilson of Florida.

Update: Tony G of Seconds Out Promotions has confirmed that Truax will be sparring with Ornelas.


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