Kaos Speaks: Andy Kolle on Paul Williams

When he’s training for a fight, Andy “Kaos” Kolle can be well nigh impossible to reach.  The Fistic Mystic was fortunate enough to hear from Kolle on Saturday regarding his upcoming fight with Paul “The Punisher” Williams at Soboba Casino in San Jacinto, CA on Thursday September 25.

Kaos revealed that he has known he was going to fight Paul Williams for about four weeks, which makes for a somewhat abbreviated training camp.  However, he says, “I usually fight in the fall so I had already been training my butt off.  When I heard about the fight all I had to do was get up to Duluth and spend the remaining time sharpening up, that way when fight night gets here I’ll be 110%.”

This event was only announced on September 2 – just 23 days before fight night.  That means that Kolle had to keep it a secret for a while, but “[It] didn’t bother me in the least because in this business nothing is for sure until that bell rings.  The reason is they wanted to make the official call by sending out their press release.”

Kolle says his team expected Williams to move up from welterweight for some time.  “We knew it was only a matter of time before that 147 pound limit was going to be unattainable for him.”  Does that mean that coach and manager Chuck Horton had a hand in setting things up?  “To be honest I am not too sure, but I know we have been watching Paul for a while.”

Though he avoids specifics, Kolle confirms that he’s making more money from this fight than he could in any in-state matchup that could be made.  Better money, combined with ambition, probably explains his eagerness to take such a big step up in competition: “As soon as Shark (Horton) called me I was instantly jacked for the fight, I knew this was what I’ve been waiting for.”

But enough of the small talk, what does he think about the fight?  About Paul Williams?  “I think he’s a good fighter.  I mean obviously the guy has a world title. [the WBO world welterweight title – ed.]  I just think that styles make fights and this is a great matchup for me.  I am closer to his size than anybody he has ever faced, so I think that will play a role when he’s not able to push me around the ring like he is used to.”

Sometimes fighters are sensitive to any suggestion that they might not win, and Kolle is no exception.  I made the mistake of asking Kolle to assume for a moment that he wins, and contemplate what comes next.  “Assume?  (laughs)  I have every intention of winning this fight.  I am not taking this fight to be an opponent, and wouldn’t have accepted the fight if I didn’t truly believe that I have what it takes to pull off the upset.  But as far as what’s next, I am not even thinking about that at all, this is no easy task that I have in front of me.”

The Fistic Mystic says: Expect to see a spirited and determined Kaos give “The Punisher” a tougher than expected fight.  If the stars align, if Williams is unable to bring his power up two divisions, and if Kolle refuses to be bullied by the taller man, Minnesotans could see a new star born in the middleweight division on Thursday.  The truth is, nobody knows how good Williams will be as a middleweight – and we don’t really know how good Kolle is either.  It’s a battle of unknown quantities, and perhaps Williams summed it up best in the pre-fight press conference call: “he’s bringing his awesome to the ring, I’m going to bring mine to the ring, it will be a big explosion in the ring.”

Kolle smacks Jonathan Reid in June

Kolle smacks Jonathan Reid in June


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