Boxing Results: October 4 in Rochester, Minnesota

Adapted from a report by Deborah O’Connor of the 4th Street Gym in Rochester:

“The Rochester show had 5 MMA fights and 5 boxing bouts.  I didn’t follow the MMA results except Tommy Speer was the main event and stopped his guy.”

  • Raphael Butler (now 33-6 with 26 kayos) defeated Travis Fulton (now 14-22 with 14 kayos), by TKO in round 2.  “Raphael Butler fought Travis Fulton (his previously scheduled opponent fell through.)  Raphael knocked him down in both the first and second rounds before stopping him with a TKO in the 2nd round.”
  • Yevgeniy Shishporenok (5-0 with 5 kayos) defeated Hyacinthus Turnipseed (0-4) by KO in round 1
  • Mike Howell (1-1 with 1 kayo) defeated Rayvon Wilson (0-3-1), by KO in round 1  “Rayvon Wilson was ahead in the first round when Mike Howell caught him and he went down.”
  • Malcolm Cowans (1-0) defeated Bobby Butters (14-33 with 6 kayos), by DQ in round 4  “There wasn’t a lot of activity in the first two rounds but it got livelier in the 3rd.  Bobby was deducted a point for failing to listen to the ref.  In the 4th Bobby was knocked down and again refused to listen to the ref while he was given an 8 count and continued fighting.  He ended up being disqualified.”
  • Ronnie Peterson (1-0 with 1 kayo) defeated Bobby Conners (0-9) by TKO in round 4  “[This one] also started out a bit slow.  Ronnie then started dominating Bobby and won the bout with a TKO in the fourth.”

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