Final Impact: Preliminary Bouts

First impression (8:01pm cdt): Oh crud, it’s Nick Charles. The whole night isn’t ruined, but it’s in jeopardy.


Matt Korobov -vs- Mario Evangelista

Does anyone else notice that Korobov has unusually large nipples? Evangelista is light on his feet and tough as a stale rock, but he’s slo-o-ow. Evangelista quit about halfway through the third, and it’s a good thing. I was starting to flinch on his behalf.

Lamont Peterson -vs- Lanardo Tyner

Tyner has a funny way of staying loose before the fight, bouncing back and forth between his handlers like a pinball. Holy cow, Tyner seems confident and attitudinal as he gets rough and tries to trade shots with Peterson! He also seems to have good timing and no fear, we’ll see how far that carries him. Tyner gets the first round in my book, but Peterson gets the second and third and is looking large and in charge as we go to round 4. In round 4 Tyner evidently decided that since he is still upright, he’s going to go for broke and opens two cans of whupass on Peterson. Then at the end of the round Peterson is penalized a point for repeated low blows (justified). Round four goes to Tyner, round five goes to Peterson. It’s a barnburner!

Rounds 5 and 6 are more sedate and go to Peterson, though Tyner continues to smile and talk. In the seventh Peterson dominates but is warned near the end for another low blow – and at the end of the round Tyner shoves Peterson, who falls into the ropes and barely avoids bruising his tailbone. Round 8 is again statistically dominated by Peterson, but I can’t help liking the irrepressible Tyner. Tyner looks exhausted through most of round 9 but manages a meaningful flurry at the end. Look for Tyner to let it all hang out in the tenth – this is Peterson’s most likely chance at a knockout.

Round 10 ends up in Peterson’s column – no kayo for Lamont tonight, but I score this fight 97-92 for Peterson. Tyner was done in by his long periods of inactivity and his tendency to block punches with his head.

The judges give Peterson the unanimous decision by scores of 98-91, 99-87 (huh?) and 99-90, and it’s no surprise.

Jorge Arce -vs- Isidro Garcia

First round to Garcia.  Second round to Garcia, and Arce’s left eye is either swelling or bleeding.  I can’t tell which it is, but it’s clearly bothering him.  Arce shows some power in round three but Garcia is quick and has a Plastic-Man jab – Arce takes the third by virtue of his greater power and higher workrate in this round.  In round 4 Garcia is hurt by a body shot and takes a knee a few seconds later at 2:32.  Referee Tony Weeks waves off the fight at about 2:12 of round 4 as Garcia takes an extended flurry without responding.

Nonito Donaire -vs- Moruti Mthalane

This fight was stopped at 1:31 of round 6 due to a cut eyelid (Mthalane) caused by a punch – Donaire is declared the winner.  Mthalane had a good cry, but Donaire was a gracious winner.

Chavez Jr -vs- Vanda

See a detailed round-by-round account of this fight at


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