Round-by-Round Matt Vanda -vs- Julio Cesar Chavez Jr – Part 2

For the unfortunates (those who can’t see the tonight’s fight themselves) I am posting a round-by-round account of the night’s proceedings with updates at the conclusion of each round.

Observations on the preliminary bouts can be found here:


Vanda makes his way to the ring without fanfare, then the lights dim and Chavez enters the ring to the accompaniment of a mariachi singer.  Everything looks pretty tame.  Hey Jim Maurine and Ron Lyke – I hope you’re having as much fun as last time!  By the looks on your faces I’d say you are.

Round 1:

Each man leads with single shots though 2:14, Chavez lands a good left to the head at about 2:05.  Vanda shoots an ineffective jab, more single shots without much landing to 1:25.  Left jab lands for Vanda at 1:06.  Both men miss more punches.  Vanda gets hit by a hook and then an uppercut about :38 to :35.  Left-right lands for Vanda at about :09, the two men circle and miss with more jabs and the bell.

Round 2:

[Technical difficulties]  No advantage to 2:16, Chavez lands a straight right at 2:00.  Vanda puts a jab on Chavez’s face, but gets hit with two hooks for his trouble.  Chavez is tentative and not busy.  Good left hook lands for Chavez.  Double left jab by Vanda, right to the body by Vanda.  Chavez lands to Vanda’s body and jumps in again.  Circling, measuring, nothing happening to :16.  Chavez and Vanda trade hooks just before the bell and Vanda grins like a jack-o-lantern as he walks to his corner.

Round 3:

Vanda is beginning to stalk Chavez in round three, lands a left-right at 2:28.  Chavez lands a five punch combo at 2:26.  Vanda is unconcerned,  the two trade more single shots.  Vanda lands a combination at 1:40, then a good ovehand right.  Chavez is flurrying at 1:30.  Vanda’s left jabs bounce off Chavez gloves to 1:05, Chavez connects with a good straight right at :51.  Most of Chavez’s punches are blocked, most of Vanda’s miss.  Chavez flurries and Vanda covers up at :05.

Round 4:

Between rounds Ron Lyke instructed Vanda to throw more, even if his punches are blocked by Chavez’s arms, let’s see whether Vandahe complies.  Vanda is more shifty and appears to be trying to time Chavez through 2:30.  Good left hook by Chavez at 2:07.  Double left jab lands with good effect for Vanda at 1:50.  Vanda connects with two hooks, misses the third, and eats a good jab.  Vanda continues to follow Chavez, the reverse of what he did in July, when he walked backwards and lured Chavez in.  Vanda gets aggressive at 1:03, lands a major right hook at :54 and again at :51.  The two men trade, first Chavez and then Vanda.  The crowd is getting into it.  Mauling to :21, Good straight right snaps Chavez’ head hard, Chavez and Vanda stand and stare at each other for the last three seconds before the bell.

Round 5:

Vanda connects with three jabs by 2:52, absorbs a couple of body hooks from Chavez.  Vanda looks more confident, knowing that Chavez can’t hurt him.  Left hook, straight right lands for Vanda at 2:09.  Both men land hooks simultaneously, Chavez bounces Vanda back with a body shot, Vanda flurries at 1:35 then lands a single punch as a follow up. Chavez is flurrying and Vanda is covering up again at 1:18.  Vanda feints, then charges in with a left hook to the body.  Chavez smells blood and attacks at :52 but to no effect.  Single jabs and hooks are not going to do it for Vanda.  Vanda misses badly with a hook at :05, the two bob and stare, and the round ends.

Round 6:

Each man throws a left at 2:53, neither lands.   Double left jab again for Vanda at 2:40.  Neither man is landing with great effect, but Chavez is landing more frequently to this point.  Low blow by Chavez goes unnoticed by the ref at 2:05.  Vanda lands another single jab at 1:50.  Vanda can’t get inside so his jabs and long-distance hooks wil have to do the trick.  Vanda lands two hooks then goes low, Chavez is indignant, appealing to the referee for help.  Lands a strong right at :55.  Chavez may be running down, as his workrate his suffered.  Now Chavez is warned at :29, I know not for what.  Vanda throws a single left hook to Chavez’s body, catches Chavez with a couple of good hooks just before the bell, then Chavez dodges and ducks to the round’s end.

Round 7:

Vanda lands a serious left to the gut of Chavez, Chavez looks to the ref for help again.  Straight left lands for Vanda.  Chavez is throwing two and three hooks at a time, Vanda doesn’t respect Chavez, then it seems he does.  More hooks and a couple of uppercuts by Chavez.  Now the two begin to trade, and Vanda lands a right uppercut at 1:43.  Chavez wings in some flailing hooks to the body of Vanda, Vanda is throwing more combos now. Chavez is getting the same eyes-glazed look he had in the first fight, and Vanda is landing a bunch of punches.  Chavez lands about five in a row, then Vanda comes back with a single and a 1-2.  Chavez lands a major right hook and Vanda comes right back at him.  Right to the temple lands for Vanda at :13, Chavez responds with a flurry, and Vanda has his best moment of the evening in the closing ten seconds, backing Chavez into the ropes and pummelling him.

Round 8:

It doesn’t look like a kayo is in the cards, but Vanda is going to try.  Vanda comes out more aggressive in round 8, and Chavez is very defensive to 2:28, then lands several big hooks.  Now a right to the kidney seems to have hurt Vanda, but he’s nothing if not tough. Will Chavez punch himself out?  Vanda lands a good extended combination at 2:13-2:03.  The two are forehead to forehead now, mauling.  Vanda lands a single right, Chavez lands a slow flurrry of hooks.  Vanda connects solidly with a right at 1:26.  Vanda looks more and more annoyed as the fight goes on.  Chavez’s face is a death mask.  Vanda backs into the ropes, takes about six punches to the body, and then fails to answer.  Now he throws another single jab, but his efforts are largely ineffectual. Vanda lands two hooks to the body and a straight to the head. Now Vanda lands repeatedly from :17 to :10.  Chavez flurries at :10.  Now both men stop fighting, Chavez drops his hands, turns his back, and walks away from Vanda before the bell rings.  Note to the Predator: the next time he tries that, clock him.

Round 9:

Vanda lands a few good single shots, but doesn’t flurry.  Chavez lands a couple of good hooks but Vanda is unmoved.  The two are bobbing and looking but not throwing much to 2:10.  More hooks from Chavez, Vanda is tring to weather the storm but is failing to aggress.  Chavez lands three punches, Vanda is only throwing single jabs and occasional hooks to 1:10.  Vanda lands a serious right to the face of Chavez at :50 but fails to capitalize, ad Chavez flurries back at :40.  Chavez has a talent for running backwards on his toes very rapidly.  Vanda lands a good right but is answered by a long combination of hooks by Chavez, and the penultimate round comes to a close.

Round 10:

Chavez thows two weak hooks and eats a good punch by Vanda.  Vanda comes with desperation at 2:35 and is effective but it doesn’t last.  Now Chavez is landing too many hooks.  Vanda and Chavez are trading in the center of the ring and Vanda looks pissed.  He’s jawing at Chavez ow at 1:43, lands a good left hook to the body, Chavez throws more hooks and they’re good ones.  Now Vanda lands twice with feeling at 1:20.  Vanda lands a staight right to Chavez at 1:10.  Chavez is being cute, dropping his hands and taunting Vanda to hit him.  Chavez flurries with hooks, Vanda comes back with half as many.  The two are trading again now, the referee distracts Vanda at :20, now they’re back at it and finish with style.  I don’t kow what’s up with the bell, but both men quit fighting and Vanda is offering to touch gloves before the final bell rings.


Unlike the last fight between these two, Chavez is on his feet and animated as the decision is announced.  The scores are 99-91, 97-93, and 98-92 in favor of Chavez, and though I don’t like the margins on two of the thee cards, it’s hard to argue that outcome.  I give Vanda three rounds, but three rounds don’t win you a ten-round fight.


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