Raphael Butler Wins Again

In a fight that went almost completely unnoticed, Raphael Butler beat veteran Tennessean Marvin Hunt in a heavyweight bout hosted by West Memphis, Arkansas on Saturday night, November 1.

Longtime cruiserweight Hunt (12-22-1 with 5 kayos) weighed in at 204 lbs, while in a somewhat worrying development, Butler weighed in at 279 lbs, his highest recorded weight ever.

Butler’s size did nothing to hurt his power, though, with the big man from Rochester recording a win by knockout at 1:35 of the first round.


2 responses to “Raphael Butler Wins Again

  1. It is sad to see again in this sport how pampered fighters such as Raphael Butler go around building up there records fighting has been fighters. It is clearly seen when Butler fought Homer Fonseca and got his butt handed to him for a second time. How does a fighter with a (5-2)record beat you Butler. Fact is Butler is a joke and has the nerve to state in an interview that he let Fonseca off the first time & the only reason he won was because Fonseca was in his home town. Fonseca isn’t even from Houston. He’s from Kingsville and wasn’t even in shape when he fought Butler. Minnesota get really boxers not chumps!!!

  2. butler got beat by my boi homer “EL OSO” fonseca!! yea!!

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