Upcoming Boxing Event: Sioux Falls, November 28

Boxing fans in southwestern Minnesota have a rare treat this Friday, as a pro boxing card is scheduled to come off in Sioux Falls for the first time in twenty years.  The bout will be hosted at the Sioux Falls Convention Center and is being promoted by Seconds out Promotions.  What to watch for:

  • Coming off back-to-back losses for the first time in his career, Joey Abell hopes to impress with a win against durable and experienced veteran Jason Nicholson.
  • Caleb Truax looks for rounds and experience as he squares off against Larry Brothers, who has done ring time with Anthony Bonsante, Dave Peterson, Gee Cullmer, Anthony Dirrell, and Harry Joe Yorgey.
  • Brian Cohen, last seen in Minnesota winning by TKO at Fortune Bay Casino in August, faces faded veteran Tony Ault in one of the night’s two eight-rounders, though the two fighters’ recent histories tend to suggest it won’t last nearly that long.
  • The notoriously inactive heavyweight Brad Laffin, veteran of six fights in the last five years, meets Quincy Miner in a bout curiously listed at light heavyweights.
  • In what may be the mismatch of the night, heavyweight Ed Perry (12-4-2) is matched against Ed Schomber, possessor of a 3-16 record and an 11-bout losing streak.
  • Jeremy McLaurin of Coon Rapids makes his professional appearance against fellow debutante Felix Martinez of Bloomington.

2 responses to “Upcoming Boxing Event: Sioux Falls, November 28

  1. I realize that this follow up is years down the road, but Ive never seen the comment: “Notoriously inactive”…That comment appears to have an undertone…It is common knowledge that I entered the sport with an extensive medical history. Yes, I struggled with arthritis, torn cartilage, etc, but I did my best to overcome these issues before I was ultimately forced to retire. I will be the first to say: retiring was the best move that I’ve ever made! I must say, I met great people, developed life long friendships and enjoyed a decent amount of success in the mix of suffering gross injuries in & out of the ring. My inactivity was not because I was lazy or due to a lack of discipline or motivation as “notorious” appears to hint…I did the best that I could, I never took a knee, I fought to knockout and always helped others when the opportunity presented itself. During a 4 year educational experience at Saint Mary’s University from 2009 – 2013, I learned to appreciate & respect this quote: “It’s wise that one not place the carriage before the horse!” I know, I must have learned more than common knowledge of one quote right?! Point being, its wise and honorable to offer facts for your audience to read and allow the freedom of thought to transpire as a result. Using lead words like “Notorious” is inviting your audience to be of your opinion and therefore a poor choice for that reason alone. Hopefully, we will have an opportunity to trade ideas relating to this issue in the future!
    Thank you for your time!
    Brad Laffin

    • Brad, the word notorious may have been the wrong choice. It was intended to be picturesque language, not insulting. In this context it would have meant that one was chiefly known for being inactive. Sorry to have touched on a sensitive subject in the wrong way. It’s an occupational hazard of a writer that they will sometimes say something wrong or say something right but in an insensitive way.

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