Quincy Miner: About His Shoulder Injury

A statement from heavyweight boxer Quincy Miner, regarding his shoulder injury suffered November 28 in a boxing match with Brad Laffin, and his plans for the near future:

“The fight with Laffin was surely going my way until Laffin fell on me…it did give me a certain amount of pleasure to knock him down a couple of notches as he went down twice in the second round.  My shoulder was separated.  The ringside doctors used a towel like a sling to yank and pop my shoulder back in place in the locker room.  I can start training in about 7 days.  That fight was dedicated to my little brother who was shot and killed back in 2006 at the age of 19, so I do feel robbed of a win – but that is just how things go in the boxing world sometimes.  I will be back in Minnesota in January ’09 for a couple more fights, probably.

I would like to end my comment with a tribute to Jake Betz, who passed away in August.  I fought him in June and he was a good guy.  He was willing to give me a rematch but [sadly] that can’t happen.  My condolences to his family and friends.”

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