Phil Williams: All Healed Up

Phil Williams confirms to the Fistic Mystic that his hand is healed and he’s ready to get back in the prizefighting ring.

The 9-1 (9 kayos) light heavyweight from north Minneapolis says that he’s back in the gym, hitting the heavy bag.  “It’s doing good now.  I’ve had the pin taken out and I have no restrictions.”  His doctor, Jeffrey Husband of Tria Orthopedic, has told him that he should have full movement and no pain, and because his hand was never casted, “it never stopped moving and it never got weak.”  So Dr. Husband has not recommended any therapy.

Williams, who still works out at Uppercut Boxing Gym in northeast Minneapolis, says that he just learned a few days ago that he’s been penciled in for a fight card in the Twin Cities in February.  Does he know who his opponent might be?  “I sure don’t.  I just found this out myself.”

Asked whether he had any other news for his fans, Williams said only, “09 is my year.”

About Dr. Husband:


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