Boxing Results: Grand Casino Hinckley, January 24

First bout: Jeffrey Osborne Jr (now 8-12 with 3 kayos) loses to Dion Savage (now 4-0 with 3 kayos) by KO in round 4 of 4.

Round 1:  The first round was mostly a feeling-out affair, but Savage rocked the Rock with a vicious punch 2:59 into the round, making Osborne go all googly (Zab Judah-like) as he returned to his corner.

Round 2: Osborne hurt Savage once with a stiff punch, but the round goes to Savage.

Round 3: This round goes to Savage but the bout is spirited and entertaining.  Both men deserve great credit for bravery, but instead both receive warnings; Osborne for holding and Savage for punching behind the head.  The bout continues in this pattern: Savage is stronger and faster, but Osborne opportunistically scores at every chance, which is often.  Osborne lives up to his reputation, pursuing his opponent around and around the ring.

Round 4: By the fourth Osborne is bleeding freely from the mouth and a terrible cut above his left eye.  Savage has a cut that follows and exceeds the outer edge of his left eyebrow.  Finally, after being caught with Osborne’s best punch of the night, a flush left hook that stopped him short for a moment, Savage corners Osborne and puts him out with a wicked combination.  There is a frightening moment when Osborne, trapped in a corner and unable to fall, is out on his feet but keeps eating power shots.  Finally (mercifully) he goes down and stays down for about two minutes.  Fight over, winner Savage.

Note: Osborne is fine, and the crowd gives him a sincere ovation when he returns to his feet and puts on a brief demonstration of shadowboxing.

Second bout: Willshaun Boxley (now 4-0 with 2 kayos) defeats Torrence Daniels (now 12-8 with 5 kayos) by UD after six rounds.  (Scores: 59-55, 59-55, 58-56)

Round 1: Both men seem somewhat tentative, Willshaun a little flinchy.  Punches mostly come in ones and one-twos.  Boxley seems like the stronger man, landing a severe slapping let hook about five seconds before the bell.

Round 2:  The beginning of this round is delayed slightly due to loose ice spilled in the Daniels corner.  After a period of little action, Boxley scores with a good one-two, then throws two punches to the back of Daniels’ head, for which he is warned.  Now Boxley presses the action, bulling Daniels around the ring.  Daniels lands a good left hook to the abdomen of Boxley, a nice scoring shot.  Daniels, looking angry, begins to land body shots on Boxley with some regularity.  Boxley subsequently gives chase for the remainder of the round, landing few punches.

Round 3: Begins with Boxley sweating profusely and breathing heavily, but walking down his man.  Boxley finally gets inside and traps his man on the ropes, landing a good twelve or fiften power shots, but Daniels escapes.   The noticeably shorter Boxley frequently comes up short with both jabs and power shots, but his power keeps him competitive.  Left hook to the ribs, then Boxley gets Daniels into a corner again, but only lands a couple of good shots before his prey escapes.  Daniels’ elusivity is dissolving as the fight progresses.

Round 4:  As this round begins, Daniels corner is reminding him loudly that he is in his opponent’s backyard.  Boxley is showing an unfortunate tendency to turn away from punches.  About a minute in, Daniels lands a left hook to the head of Boxley, and in return takes several power shots.  Both men are tiring, and clinches are the result.  Boxley lands two left hooks, then two of four power shots to the body.  This writer’s view was obscured, but evidently Daniels kneed Boxley in the groin, and Boxley appeals to the ref.  Now both men are beginning to throw low blows, and referee Mark Nelson has to warn them both.

Round 5: After spinning out of a clinch, Boxley lands two strong left hooks about five seconds apart.  Daniels is holding now, a lot.  Boxley lands a right hook to the ear of Daniels, and now a strong right to the jaw.  Boxley staggers his opponent with a strong combination and a couple of more single hooks.  Now Danels is dancing for show, but he is clearly tired and hurt.  Daniels keeps trying to measure the distance with pawing jabs, but each time he does Boxley whacks him with big round hooks, especially rights.  Boxley now stands still in the middle of the ring, daring Daniels to approach, but Daniels is too smart and careful to engage on Boxley’s terms, and the round ends.

Round 6: The crowd expects Boxley to go for the emphatic kayo.  A right jab lands for Boxley, but he eats two power shots in return.  Boxley lands an impressive left-right combo, but then walks into a body shot that hurts him.  Boxley lands another couple of right hooks, then throws a combination.  Boxley ducks down, perhaps hoping to throw a knockout punch, and when Daniels charges, Boxley stands up – Daniels is lifted from his feet and falls hard to the mat.  After the action resumes Boxley lets Daniels chase him into a corner, landing frequent punches.  Exciting action is the hallmark of the night so far.  Now both men stand motionless in the center of the  ring for an extended period, finally Nelson instructs them to engage.  As time runs out, Boxley’s corner encourages him to attack, “if you want this.”  Boxley responds by throwing more power shots, but neither man is hurt before the final bell.  This baby is going to the cards.

Third bout: Wilton Hilario (now 10-0 with 8 kayos) defeats Darrell Martin (now 4-7 with 1 kayo) by TKO after five rounds of a six round fight when referee Mark Nelson stops the fight.

Round 1: Martin comes out aggressive, lunging with the jab, but failing to land consistently.  After a half minute of jabs, both men begin to throw hooks.  Hilario lands a strong right, and Martin respons with a jab that lands on the beltline.  Hilario is beginning to time Martin, and now lands a couple of powerful one-twos.  The combatants clinch for the first time in the third minute of the first round, and come out of the clinch throwing power shots.  Hilario lands with greater frequency, but both men are in this fight.  Hilario misses badly and eats a hook for his trouble.  Hilario lands two good power shots just before the bell, and round one is in the books.

Round 2: Hilario comes out mixing jabs with his hooks, but Martin suddenly comes to life with tremedndous aggression.  Martin lands a ton of power shots on Hilario, but Hilario covers up and weathers the storm.  Now Martin seems tired, and Hilario is picking at his defenses with frequent power shots.  Martin has a disconcerting tendency to put himself badly off-balance while throwing combinations, but thus far Hilario has not capitalized.  Hilario keeps missing short with his hook, but then lands several goot power shots in quick succession.  Martin looks more and more tired, even dropping his hands.  Now Hilario hits an unbalanced Martin with a good overhand right.  Two tired men are now content to bide their time until the bell.

Round 3: Martin goes more to the body of Hilario, including a couple of questionably low blows.  A furious power exchange in the center of the ring is taking its toll on both men.  Hilario gets hit with two right hooks, and throws a nice combination in return.  Martin is now dancing and running with his hands down, but Hilario’s punches seem not to hurt him.  Referee Nelson stops the action to warn Martin against leading with his head, and the bout resumes.  Both men are tired, and for the most part are landing only single power shots.  Hilario is definitely the stronger man, but Martin is very mobile and hard to hit.  Martin lands two right hands, then both men connect at the same instant.  Hilario lands a left hook a split second after the bell.

Round 4: The weariness of both men is more and more evident.  the tops of both mens’ heads clash twice in the early going, but neither seems to notice.  This round is notable for all the  missed punches.  Hilario finally connects with shots to the head, the body, and the head again.  Now an uppercut lands.  Hilario suddenly runs behind Nelson and to his corner, demanding his mouthpiece, which he evidently started the round without.  Now Hilario lands repeated power shots to the head of Martin, and Martin seems to be throwing punches without knowing where they’re going.  We go on like this, with Martin looking down at the canvas and Hialrio landing damaging power shots.  Finally Martin lands twice, but he’s exhausted.  Hilario is going for broke, but still he keeps missing.  Martin is spitting blood.  Hilario throws hooks and uppercuts that would drop a horse, but Martin blocks most and absorbs the rest as the round closes.

Round 5: Hilario is throwing single left jabs and Martin is running.  A let-right lands for Hilario, then a right uppercut to the chest.  Martin is bleeding more from the mouth, but smartly he spits the blood out.  Hilario lands a telling power shot, but to little effect, and Martin lands a right to the body followed by a right to the body.  Hilario chases Martin across the ring but can only land one or two punches.  Now he connects behind Martin’s right ear, but still to no effect.  More chasing, less punching.  Hilario traps Martin against the ropes but connects with no punches.  Martin is tired and hurt, but tough as a fencepost.  Hilario is loading up the right hand but can’t connect.  Martin is putting together almost no offense, but he’s getting hit with almost no punches, either. 

Round 6: This round does not begin, as the fight has been stopped.  Despite what the crowd assumes, Martin has not quit on his stool; the fight was stopped by the referee.

Fourth Bout: Golden Caleb Truax (now 10-0 with 7 kayos) defeats Jonny “Shotgun” Hayes (now 6-4-1 with x kayos) by TKO in round 5 of a bout scheduled for 6.

Round 1: The men come out jabbing, neither man lands a shot for the first fifteen or twenty seconds.  Truax finally throws a hook after thirty or forty seconds, but misses.  No action so far.  Now Truax finally lands a right-left to the body, and ten seconds later gets a right to his own ribcage.  Hayes is a muscular and fit-looking opponent, and this looks like a tough fight.  The two men clinch for the first time about two thirds of the way through the first, and again about twenty seconds later.  Promoter Tony Grygelko can be heard coaching Truax from the expensive seats.  As the round draws to a close, both men are jabbing cautiously.  This round is even.

Round 2: Truax comes out doubling the jab, and Hayes continues to be cautious.  Truax lands a good straight left, but a few moments later Hayes connects with a strong right to the body.  A Truax right to the head puts Hayes halfway through the ropes (and nearly into a judge’s lap), but Hayes manages to get up, albeit a little wobbly.  Truax is out for blood, but Hayes cannily ties him up.  Has the moment for aggression passed?  Evidently it has, as the two go back to feinting and jabbing.  Truax connects again, and Hayes looks in tough shape.  Now Hayes throws a meaningful right to the body of Truax, and he appears to be back in the game.  No more meaningful action takes place before the bell.

Round 3: Hayes is shooting left jabs and seems recovered.  Truax blocks a wide left hook, and the two go back to measuring.  Truax’s coach Tom Halstad calls for Truax to let his hands go, but Hayes ties him up again.  Hayes may not be the action fighter we had hoped for.  Now Hayes connects with two left jabs, but is unable to make further progress, and the two clinch again.  Caleb is trying to press the action, but his opponent is smart, if not terribly dangerous.  Now Hayes connects a wide winging left hook, but a moment later Truax hits him flush with a couple of good power shots.  Another clinch.  This round comes to an end with a little jabbing, and not much else.

Round 4: Hayes comes out aggressive, landing hooks from both barrels.  Truax responds with some angry angles of his own.  Truax lands a double left jab, and Hayes ties up again.  Truax lands a single uppercut, and they clinch again.  Truax lands a good hook and they tie up again.  See a pattern?  Hayes is making Truax work hard for what looks like it’ll be a lopsided points win.  Two big right hooks land for Truax, and again they clinch.  Truax lands a one-two and then feints, and Hayes flinches.    An uppercut misses dramatically for Truax.  Another clinch, and the round is over.

Round 5: Truax is stretching in his corner as the round begins.  Hayes again comes out aggressive, but Truax fakes a left and connects a short right to the kidney.  Another clinch, and Truax throws up his hands in frustration.  Truax finally corner Hayes, and lands three strong right hooks to the temple of Hayes.  Referee Gary Miezwa stops the fight: TKO win for Truax.

Fifth bout: Marcus Oliveria (now 17-0-1 with 13 kayos) defeats Rayco Saunders (now 16-11 with 7 kayos) by majority decision after eight rounds.  (Scores are 76-76, 78-76, and 78-75)

Round 1: Saunders opens the bout with a soft left that lands on Oliveria, but the two begin to circle, seemingly endlessly.  Finally the two begin to jab cautiously.  Halfway through the first round Oliveria drops his left hand to his belt.  More jabbing, both men are being very respectful.   Oliveria throws an arching overhand right that misses, and his corner tells him to straighten his punches.  Sanders repeatedly lunges to jab but fails to connect.  As the bell rings, neither man has done anything to win this round.  Between rounds Oliveria stands in his corner, and three cornermen stand with him, having a confab.

Round 2: Both men come out for the second intent on scoring, and both throw power shots in the first minute.  Though well muscled, Saunders doesn’t seem to match Oliveria’s strength.  Saunders has his hands up, Oliveria keeps his lower.  Now the two trade short hooks, and Oliveria scores with a stiff jab.  Now Oliveria resorts to single jabs, and in turn so does Saunders.  Saunders tries a one-two to the body, but it’s ineffective.  Oliveria scores with a right hook and then a straight right, and then goes back to single jabs.  Now a big overhand right lands, and a few seconds later another one.  Though it isn’t hard to guess what he’ll do, it looks like it’s pretty hard to stop Oliveria from doing it.

Round 3: Oliveria comes out and sits right down, connecting several hard shots to the body.  Oliveria keeps his right hand down at his waist, so it isn’t hard to see the right jab coming.  But he seems to use it  mainly to set up the left.  Oliveria isn’t winning over the crowd, but he is scoring with occasional power shots.  Now Saunders comes over the left hook with a right of his own, and Oliveria flinches at his next feint.  Oliveria has the look of a headhunting knockout artist.  Oliveria finally throws a three punch combination, finishing with an uppercut.  As the round comes to an end, the tide seems to be turning in Oliveria’s favor.

Round 4: Oliveria comes out slugging, but most of the punches are absorbed by Saunders’ mitts and forearms.  The jab is beginning to sneak through for Oliveria.  Saunders lands an occasional single shot, but not many.  There’s a nice clubbing right hook for Saunders, but he doesn’t follow up.  Oliveria lands a monstrous one-two to the head of Saunders, but only follows with a single glancing shot.  A single right here or there will win this fight, but will not win the crowd.  Saunders makes some halfhearted jabbing motions, but nothing serious.  Oliveria lands two rights to the body followed by a left to the head.  I think this is called scientific boxing, it sure isn’t exciting but it may be effective.

Round 5: Saunders must have been admonished in his corner because he’s come out more aggressive this round than he’s been all fight.  Still, that isn’t much.  Saunders’ offense peers out and we return to Oliveria domination.  Saunders’ corner now complains that referee Nelson getting in their man’s way.  Oliveria shows more mobility slipping a couple of power punches, but continues to throw combinations only sparingly.  As the bell rings the two continue to throw meaningless and halfhearted potshots.

Round 6: This round begins with Oliveria on the retreat.  Saunders gives chase.  Is Oliveria reluctant, or tired, or is this a strategic lull?  The two get in close to throw short hooks at each others’ bodies.  More infighting.  Oliveria momentarily gets his measure and begins throwing head shots but it doesn’t last, and this rounds ends with Saunders the aggressor.

Round 7: Saunders comes out all buttoned up and Oliveria can’t get a punch through.  Saunders misses with a right and Oliveria hits him twice.  The two begin to trade with Oliveria getting the better of the exchange.  Saunders hits Oliveria flush with a straight left which appears to hurt him, but which does not slow him.  Saunders is bleeding from the mouth, but is again the aggressor as the round comes to an end.  Between rounds Oliveria can be seen gasping in his corner.  Saunders’ coach is screaming at him in his corner.

Round 8: Both men come out swinging, Saunders connecting with power shots, and Oliveria counters with shots of his own.  Oliveria retreats again, grunting with discomfort as he is hit.  Saunders is throwing hard, but Oliveria is the naturally stronger man.  Now Oliveria is retreating again.  Oliveria connects with two meaningful shots to Saunders’ abdomen.  Oliveria lands a right to the head and a left to the body of Saunders.  Saunders throws it back at him and Oliveria seems hurt, but he shows courage.  The final round ends with a stirring exchange, and this fight and this fight card are over.


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