Rayco Saunders Talks About His Loss to Marcus Oliveria

Rayco Saunders has some things to say about his recent visit to Minnesota, and they aren’t all good.

On Saturday, January 24 Saunders appeared in a light heavyweight boxing match at Grand Casino Hinckley, losing a majority decision to 17-0-1 Marcus Oliveria of Kansas.  This writer reported live round-by-round from the event, and when it was over Saunders didn’t like all I had written about his performance.  His first objection was that I reported he was spitting blood near the end of the fight, and the conversation begins there.

I ask the reader to keep in mind that these comments come from a fighter who is bitterly disappointed that the judges didn’t give him a win he feels he earned.  I don’t know Saunders and I’m not saying he’s right or wrong, but I asked for his opinion and I feel obligated to convey it in full.  One thing I’m reluctant to do, however, is to get in the middle of a he said/he said dispute between fighter and promoter, so I ask all involved not to shoot the messenger.

Fistic Mystic: About whether you were bleeding from the mouth – If I’m wrong, I’m wrong.  I thought I saw you spitting blood.  It wouldn’t be honest for me to change my report after the fact so I won’t, but I appreciate your setting the record straight.

Rayco Saunders: Yes, you were very wrong!  I was never even hit in the mouth!  I work hard on defense, and I feel mine is pretty damn good.

Fistic: Please tell me a little bit about your strategy.  What did you know about Oliveria coming in, and what was the reasoning of your corner in reining you in during the early rounds?  What do you think would have happened if the fight had gone on longer?

Rayco: Artie Thompson, who worked my corner, although he is a good trainer, is not my trainer.  He was a fill-in guy because my guy couldn’t make it.  I informed him that Oliveria’s favorite punch was his overhand right.  Our strategy was to take that away from him, as we did.  Show him things that he’s never seen before, as we did.  Touch that body, as I did.  And break him down, as I started to do, which forced him to literally run away from the fight…but you didn’t write that! [ed: I did write repeatedly that Oliveria was retreating and that Saunders was the aggressor in the later rounds, read it for yourself.]  Where I disagreed with my team, was I wanted to take Oliveria to war from the opening bell.  But I pay these guys for their instruction, so I listen to them.  Every bell from the first till I became the aggressor, I told my corner I wanted to go get him.  They instructed me to move to my right, put the jab on him, and keep moving my head.  The round that I came out as the aggressor, I couldn’t take moving and jabbing anymore.  Artie gave me the go-ahead to become the hunter.  After the fight, Artie informed me that he thought it was a 10 round fight, and apologized for being misinformed.  Before the fight I told Tony Grygelko and Tom Brown that Oliveria was not ready for me.  I told Tony that I would stop him.  If he wouldn’t have ran, literally he would have got stopped!  If it was ten [rounds] like Artie thought, he would have got stopped!

Fistic: Please give me a scouting report on Oliveria.  What does it take to beat him, and what would you do differently if you had another chance?

Rayco: Oliveria is still learning.  He still does very amateur things.  There is something that he does not do, but I won’t open his eyes to it because of the possibility of a rematch.  If I fight him again, I take him to war as I wanted to do, and stop him early.

Fistic: How were you treated on your visit to Minnesota, and would you return for another fight?

Rayco: My treatment in Minnesota by Seconds Out Promotions was terrible!  I was told that me and my team would be brought in on 22 January, 2009.  We weren’t brought in until [the next day].  While I’m on the plane to Minnesota, I was informed through text message that the weigh in would be held at 7pm on 23 January.  When we were picked up from the airport, it took us two hours to ge to the hotel.  After the ride left us we found out that we were dropped off at the wrong hotel!  45 minutes later, at 6:30pm, we get to the correct hotel.  At this moment Tony Grygelko asks me did I get his text about the weigh-in taking place at 7pm, and to meet him in a few minutes so we can go back to the hotel from which we just came from, where the weigh-in will take place.  Then after the fight, at 12:55am, I received another text from Tony Grygelko stating, “The limo will pick up fighters at 7am.  If any fighter misses the pickup, they will have to find their own transportation to the airport.”  My flight didn’t leave Minnesota till 2pm!  Then two of the judges give those terrible scores.  They can’t count too good neither.  Add the scores up!  You asked would I return for another fight…absolutely!  There are people in this world whose struggles are far worse than what I went through in those few days.  I would definitely come back.  Especially if it’s to fight one of Seconds Out Promotions’ fighters.  The people of Minnesota treated us well.  They also know who won the fight, as was evident by the cheers for me and the boos for Oliveria.


9 responses to “Rayco Saunders Talks About His Loss to Marcus Oliveria

  1. “There are people in this world whose struggles are far worse than what I went through in those few days.”

    Dear Lord, tell me he didn’t say that. About waiting in the airport for a few hours? Wow.

  2. You are right Lolo!

    In addition:
    Sounds like Rayco did take some blows to the head (or mouth)…

    His tone in the interview does a 360. Complaints and negativity to “I would definitely come back. Especially if it’s to fight one of Seconds Out Promotions’ fighters.”

    Sounds like someone decided last minute he be better be a bit positive to save his future fighting prospects.

  3. Marcus won the first 4 rounds easily, because Saunders just covered up. Oliveira hurt him bad in the last round. If Saunders didn’t cover up for the first half of the fight and made it a war like he said, he would have been knocked out. He can’t punch himself out of a wet paper bag, can’t crack an egg. 16-11 with 7 KO’s. His last stoppage was 11-4-2005, to a guy who was 4-13 and 3! That was a TKO. His last KO, KO was 6-28-2003…and that guy was 0-3…

  4. LoLo, Lici, Lucas….Sounds like cartoon characters! First off, I said I will fight any of Seconds out fighters again because I’m a fighter. That’s what I do. I have more things going on in my life then just boxing so it’s not about my future in this sport. Second you don’t know what went down behind the scenes, what was promised and what was not done. Third I see lucas can navigate a computer. You speak on my record and past fights…I lost three fights, 2 as a small cruiser and one as a light heavy. And I won the fights that were draws, find the articles! The sport of boxing is what it is, that’s why it is losing fans and money. No disrespect to Marcus, but he can’t beat me. He’s not a hard puncher. And if I couldn’t punch, why did he start running when I start touching him? Last but not least, since you can work a computer LUCAS, read about me. I get the name “WAR” from the streets! I’ve CRACKED many eggs, Partna! And I have no problem CRACKING more! Where I’m from, people that run their mouths find theirselves on milk cartons! Watch what you say, PARTNA!

  5. Well, we talking boxing, not street thugging partna…I read a lot about you, Rayco Saunder doesn’t lose fights, it’s the other guy who’s promotion that lose fights. It’s in almost every article about you. Stop blaming other people and be accountable for what it is. I know about you, you come from the streets. You’ve been in prison. You picked yourself up again. Good for you, an almost a positive boxing story. Fight like you in a war then, that fight wasn’t like you were in a war. If you know boxing like you claim you do, FIGHT! You should have come out right away and fought! You blame your corner for not letting you go and them not being better informed. You should’ve gone over the fight game before the fight. I aint from where you from, but I know MONSTERS when I see one, I grew up with MONSTERS…But, I haven’t seen one lately…

  6. Not sure how I missed this post from last year, but I was at this fight and had predicted a Rayco win. I actually agree that had Rayco come out the first two rounds more aggressive, this would have been his fight. The corner not knowing how many rounds the fight was is inexcusable.

    Rayco did a great job of taking that right hand and putting it in a drawer. Marcus uncorked it a couple of times in the first two rounds, and then it was gone. It was actually great boxing to watch–great defense.

    Rayco just picked up a win in Australia—good win, and that must mean he has signed with Square Ring and Roy Jones–and I think he was the only Square fighter to get a win.

    Not sure if you still would check this, but congrats, Rayco.

  7. Thanks Donny. I appreciate the Love.
    Swing through my site, facebook or myspace.

  8. Rayco.. its roger cantrell… the guy you fought before the australia fight… Im looking to fight and beat marcus oliveria here in the next couple of fights.. get at me on my facebook or myspace… Let me know whats up with that amatuer thing marcus does.. and talk to roy about that rematch… i need to fight!

  9. LOL funny shit…just read these…

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