Caleb Truax Reacts to February 13 Win (Steve Walker)

Caleb Truax

Caleb Truax


Last night Caleb Truax ran his professional record to 11-0 (8 knockouts) by scoring a 2nd-round KO against Steve Walker of Hannibal, MO.  I caught up with Truax and asked him a few questions about that fight and his immediate plans.  Highlights are below:

Please give me the lowdown on your fight last night with Steve Walker:

The first round I kind of wanted to feel him out.  He landed a couple of shots on me, not that he hurt me, but he knew what he was doing.  He landed a couple of jabs.  The second round I landed a couple of power shots to the body and after that it was over pretty quick.  He was a veteran, he landed a few shots, pulled a few veteran tricks on me, but I was too big and too good for him.

Leading up to the fight some people didn’t think that Walker (now 22-20 with 16 kayos) was a credible opponent for you at this point in your career.  Having fought him, what do you think about him?

I had wanted a tougher opponent and a tougher fight, but I really can’t complain.  I would like to get in a few more rounds, but when you look at the guy’s record, he had a winning record and he had been in with a lot of good guys.  All those good guys had beaten him, but…[laughs]

What’s next?  Will you fight on Tony Grygelko’s March card at the St Paul Armory?

I think they’re going to try to find something out of state for me.  It could be the Cory Spinks undercard down in St Louis at the end of March, but if that doesn’t work out then I’ll probably be fighting at the Armory in March.


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