Caleb Truax Needs a Date

Caleb Truax mentioned a few weeks ago that he had an inkling he might be included on the undercard of Cory Spinks-DeAndre Lattimore, which at one time was rumored for late March in St Louis.

Today Truax abnegates the possibility: “No, that isn’t going to happen.”

Will he instead appear on the March 21 show at the St Paul Armory?  No again, because that card is already stacked with many of the best fighters Seconds Out Promotions has to offer, including Joey Abell, Dion Savage, Jon Schmidt, guest fighter Harley Kilfian, and an intriguing matchup of 5-0 prospect Willshaun Boxley against 10-1 Thomas Snow of Washington DC.

Truax holds out another possibility.  “I’m thinking, and this one is in question too, but they’re trying to get me on the undercard of an event featuring Andre Dirrell against David Banks and Ronald Hearns against Harry Joe Yorgey.  But that’s not for sure, because they haven’t found a home for that one yet.”  That one, by the way, is a Lou DiBella production scheduled for March 28 and to be televised by Showtime.

Last question: are any opponents being talked about for that event or others?  “They’re going to try to get me on that card first and then worry about an opponent later.  For now I’m just trying to stay in shape and ready for whatever comes up.”


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