Willshaun Boxley on Thomas Snow

A characteristically confident Willshaun Boxley shares his thoughts on his upcoming fight with 10-1 Thomas Snow of Washington DC.

“I’m at the gym, getting ready to spar with Ismail Muwendo.  I’ve sparred with him before.  He’s a pretty tough kid.  Taller, about 5’10” or 5’11” and tough.  He can hit like a mule.  He’s 126 pounds, I don’t think he could make 122.  He was supposed to go to the Olympics but he lost in the trials in Afria.”

On his upcoming fight (March 21 in St Paul, against Thomas Snow): “Snow, he’s a southpaw, he’s 10-1.  I’ve seen a short clip of him in one of his last fights.  He’s pretty good, solid…really cocky, confident.  The last fight I lost was in amateurs against a southpaw, so it should be a good, tough fight.  Now that I’m fighting a southpaw again, you’ve got to question whether I’m going to get hit a little bit.  If all else fails I’ll abandon boxing and just brawl.  I want to shine, and I can shine against a righthander just by boxing, but against a southpaw I’m probably going to be brawling a little bit at times, and I’ll probably be busier than I was in my last fight.  [Snow] has been fighting garbage his whole career.  I’m going to show him no respect, and if he disrespects me then it’s going to be much worse for him.”

Boxley’s keys to the Snow fight:  “The straight right and the body shot.  I got maybe an uppercut for him, too.  Man, I’m gonna give him different looks all night, and I’m gonna make sure he doesn’t see it coming.  I’m in good shape.  I did about fifteen rounds [sparring] on Thursday, they rotated different partners in to keep me going.”

On his next scheduled event, against an unnamed opponent in Detroit on May 11:  “I’ll be fighting in front of family, and that’s a good thing.  Tony [Grygelko] is going to be co-promoting it, so it should be a good show.”


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