Bonsante -vs- Kolle – Analysis

Anthony Bonsante works out with John Hoffman, photo by Jesse Kelley, used with permission

Anthony Bonsante works out with John Hoffman, photo by Jesse Kelley, used with permission

Because he has been willing to fight much larger men and hot young prospects, Anthony Bonsante is a boxer whose record includes ten losses. That’s a lot of losses for a fighter of his reputation. Close inspection of Bonsante’s record reveals that of the nine men to whom Bonsante has lost, only one was not (or did not later become) a prospect. The combined record of these nine men, to date, is 229-60. Toss out the shock loss to Danny Thomas ten years ago and that combined record becomes 213-24. On the flip side, Bonsante has earned some significant wins against the likes of Billy Mastrangelo, JJ Corn, Tony Ayala Jr, Brent Cooper, Troy Lowry, and Matt Vanda – combined career records to date: 183-50.

Bonsante has reached the point in his career where he fights guys he knows he can beat in order to set up fights that will pay him well. This fight is a departure from that routine, for despite any propaganda, Bonsante knows that the winner of this match is not a foregone conclusion. In a recent interview with Jesse Kelley of, Bonsante revealed as much when he said, “Me and Kolle are going to beat the hell out of each other. When all is said and done, the winner…will stand in the middle of the ring to show the fans who the best middleweight in Minnesota is.”

Andy Kolle
Andy Kolle

Andy Kolle has shown his ambition recently by taking very tough matches with Matt Vanda and Jonathan Reid, which he won, and with world welterweight champion Paul Williams, which he lost in disappointing fashion.  The fight with Bonsante is a natural next step for a young man hoping to advance his career.  It brings a decent payday, it exposes him to the homestate fans, and it gives him a chance to unseat the current king of middleweights in Minnesota.  Make no mistake, Kolle would like to co-opt not only Bonsante’s place in Minnesota boxing, but also Bonsante’s fans when the #1 Daddy chooses to call it a career.

This Saturday night in Hinckley, expect to see Bonsante work hard with rough tactics to get inside.  Bonsante isn’t a huge puncher, but he has a wicked uppercut and can snap off a very good hook once in a while.  Against the younger and taller man it would be wise for Bonsante to work the body mercilessly.  Kolle, for his part, will try to emphasize his length and his strength, jabbing from the outside to set up power combinations.  The key to this fight, as with all matchups between tall and short men, is whether Kolle can keep Bonsante at arms length and close the distance only when he chooses to, or if Bonsante can get inside, what effect his uppercuts and power shots have on Kolle’s body and chin.


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