Andy Kolle Talks to the Fistic Mystic

Andy Kolle graciously answers a few questions about his upcoming bout with Anthony Bonsante.

Fistic Mystic: How’s your training camp going?

Andy Kolle: Training has been great!  I went to camp back in early January, so I wanted to make sure everything was perfect for this fight.  I know Tony is a tough guy and he is coming to take my head off!  I know this is going to be a war so I am prepared to physically and mentally to deal with whatever the Bullet brings to the table!

FM: In preparing for Anthony Bonsante, have you been sparring with anyone particular?

AK: I have been doing a lot of sparring for this fight.  I didn’t have the luxury of bringing in a former world champ to help me prepare.  However, I was fortunate enough to have the type of sparring partners that would work with me and forget about themselves and their own personal styles and try to mimic Bonsante’s style.

FM: Have you been working more on conditioning or strategy?

AK: I’m in the gym 5 days a week whether I have a fight or not, so conditioning is never an issue for me.  I keep myself close to fight ready at all times so when it’s time to go to camp I don’t have to play catchup.  That way when we officially start camp all our focus is on the person we are fighting.  In this case, I’ve had my eye on Bonsante ever since he won that title, so it was fun to actually get to train specifically for him.  At the same time I’ve been fighting long enough to know that having a strategy isn’t always the best idea, especially when you fight a tough rugged vet like Bonsante.  You have to be able to be fluid and adapt to whatever he brings to the fight.

FM: How did this fight come about – who put it together, and when did you learn about it?

AK: I think the Kenny Kost fight was the original fight offered, but Chuck wanted to go right for the man on top. So he put the idea in their head to shoot for Bonsante and that is what happened as far as I know…Between my team and Cory Rapacz they put got the ball rolling and that’s really all I know. For all I know there could have been a lot more involved, but all that doesn’t matter much to me.  They put the contract in front of me and that’s all I needed.

FM: Assuming you win, what do you think you will have accomplished for your boxing career?

AK: Assuming?  I will be taking that title home with me on Sunday when I leave the casino.  As far as my career, I think it’s far from over.  I just want others to look at my career, no matter what way it goes from here on out, and say that kid had balls – he would fight anybody, and man he was fun to watch!


2 responses to “Andy Kolle Talks to the Fistic Mystic

  1. “Assuming?” HaHaHa! This guy said the same thing before the fight with Williams! He should be fighting Jon Schmidt, not Anthony Bonsante.

  2. Looks like he assumed correct!!!

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