Caleb Truax: Officially a Hot Prospect

Caleb Truax

Caleb Truax

In case you missed it, Caleb Truax has been named the Boxing Digest Prospect of the Month for April 2009.  The man offered up a few comments:

“They interviewed me about three or four months ago and they’ve just been waiting to run it.”

“Of course I’m excited!  Hopefully we’ll keep rolling.”

“I think the next event I’m on has been pushed back a week or so.  I’m not really sure what’s going on, but I think the casino wanted it on a weekend instead of on a Monday night.” (The event in Detroit had been slated for May 11)


3 responses to “Caleb Truax: Officially a Hot Prospect

  1. He was prospect of the month because Jake Wagner from MN writes the article dumb ass. So your ‘officially’ doesnt mean shit.

  2. Some people don’t get subtle humor when they encounter it. You’re one of those people, Steve.

  3. Steve, are you saying caleb is not one of the top prospects in the nation and that he is only recognized by minnesotans? Keep in mind Jake has put many mn fighters on the map and without him lots of local fighters including zach walters would never have gotten big fights and national recognition. You should be thanking him for helping these fighters, who he really cares about, get big fights. If his opinion doesn’t matter then why is he getting nationally published articles, on the hall of fame board, and bits on fsn north. When has anyone from mn been in the national spotlight (even all the boxers!!) on cable tv. His opinions are very accurate and well thought and that is why he keeps moving up the ladder in the boxing world. Caleb deserves the attention-lets give him credit. You can read his book in a few months and see for yourself how well respected his opinion should be. He truly cares about the fighters and has a true passion for boxing. He does write about mn prospects over other states however that is his job. The real question should be if he is picking the right prospects from mn and I thin k he is. Boxing digest has writers in other states or areas to write about their fighters, makes sense doesn’t it?

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