A New Middleweight Champ, a Retirement, and More from Hinckley

Chatter from Grand Casino:

Andy Kolle is the new Minnesota middleweight champion.  In a result that will boost his career considerably, Kolle disposed of accomplished veteran Anthony Bonsante in three rounds.  It was an exciting back-and-forth affair as long as it lasted, but the way it ended leaves no doubt who’s the boss.  After the fight Kolle made a point of mentioning that he wants to move down from middleweight (160#) to junior middleweight (154#).  This makes my fantasy matchup of Kolle -vs- Harry Joe Yorgey even more tantalizing.

Anthony Bonsante has announced his retirement.  In the wake of his spectacular 3rd-round TKO loss to Andy Kolle, I am told that Bonsante has announced that he will retire.  Matchmaker Cory Rapacz tells me that Bonsante made the promise to his children, then announced it publicly.

Referee Mark Nelson will be working a world title fight in Japan on April 11.  This is probably the Nobuo Nashiro-Konosuke Tomiyama super flyweight bout in Osaka, but the Fistic Mystic isn’t going to pretend to know for sure.  I’ll post more after I hear from Nelson in the next day or two.

Johnny Johnson and the Rice Street Gym have come up smelling like roses.  Cerresso Fort and Brad Patraw both won in Hinckley and remained undefeated (both now 5-0), and Rice Street amateurs kicked butt in  regional Golden Gloves competition.

Antwan Robertson will probably ask for a rematch with Brad Patraw.  Robertson’s coach and manager, John Hoffman, says that Robertson has adequate offense and defense, but lacks confidence in his offense.  This is borne out by his performance in Hinckley, where I only observed one three-punch combination from Robertson in a six round fight.

Cerresso Fort looked like a million bucks in Hinckley.  His defeat of Joshua Rodriguez left no doubt.  He took good punches without wilting, he dished out devastating punches, he showed good mobility, he was in tremendous condition, and he really helped his career with this pasting of Rodriguez.

Seconds Out Promotions will promote on a show at Grand Casino Hinckley on June 5.  Big plans for an exciting card are in the works, but few details are available now.  Plan to hear lots about this one later.


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