A Busy Man, that Joey Abell

Minnesota’s heavyweight hero is turning up the tempo on his career.

Reports out of Philadelphia have Joey Abell appearing at the Blue Horizon fight club for a Don Elbaum-promoted event on the 15th of May.  Abell says, “The guy that beat me my first time, Arron Lyons, is the guy I’m fighting.”  A revenge match is a worthy cause, and the prospect of evening the score with the man who first rung Abell’s bell is reason enough to celebrate.

But that is not all, oh no that is not all, as my six-year-old likes to say.  Abell told me about his crowded schedule: “After that, on the 27th of May, I’m going to Sweden.  Originally I was going to fight Al Cole, the third guy who beat me, but that might have fallen through.  So I don’t know who I’m going to be fighting there.  And then I’m gonna try to be on a card at Grand Casino in early June.  That’s depending on what happens in Sweden.”

The last-mentioned card is the Seconds Out Promotions event scheduled for June 5th which currently consists of Jaidon Codrington and Caleb Truax against opponents to be named.

If it all happens as hoped/planned, this schedule (three fights in less than a month) can be considered a breakneck pace.  If the plan is a revenge tour, with Abell taking on and defeating all the men who have sullied his record so far, the Fistic Mystic is completely in favor.  Just don’t feel compelled to include the pitifully overmatched Jason Nicholson on the tour.


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