Another Busy Man: Mark Nelson

Local referee Mark Nelson finds himself much in demand these days.

Referee Mark Nelson

Referee Mark Nelson

While in Japan to officiate the WBA super flyweight championship bout featuring Nobuo Nashiro and Konosuke Tomiyama, Nelson received a message indicating that he had been chosen to referee the match between Karoly Balzsay and Maselino Masoe for the WBO super middleweight title in Germany.  After hastily accepting the April 25th assignment from the WBO, Nelson learned to his chagrin that the IBF had offered him the opportunity to work the main event of Cory Spinks-Deandre Latimore event in St Louis on April 24th.  No doubt the domestic event would have been more attractive due to the shorter travel time, but according to Nelson, “Sad to say that I had to decline the Missouri fight because I had already accepted and committed to the Germany event.”


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