Caleb Truax Unveils Hoped-For Opponent for June 5

Caleb Truax

Caleb Truax

Caleb Truax talks about his next fight, his hoped-for opponent, and other aspects of that upcoming June 5 fight card at Grand Casino Hinckley.

Fistic Mystic: What can you tell me about your next fight? Do you have an opponent locked in yet?

Caleb Truax: The guy I’m supposed to fight is Tony Hirsch, or Anthony Hirsch, who is 8-1-1 with 4 knockouts, a guy I saw out in California. We sent him a contract but we haven’t gotten it back yet. If he doesn’t sign it we’ll have to find someone else. Right now I’m just starting to get into the swing of things, just starting to eat right and work my way down to my fighting weight.

FM: Hirsch is an Oakland guy. Is he affiliated with Goossen?

CT: I don’t know whether he is or not, but I did see him at a Goossen show. [Hirsch and Truax fought on the same card at Lemoore, CA on June 26 of 2008.]

FM: What weight is this fight supposed to be contracted for?

CT: One-sixty, give or take a pound. So 160 or 161 pounds.

FM: What kind of work are you doing? Are you sparring much, or just working out…

CT: No, I’m just starting to eat right and spending more time in the gym.  There are some other really good fights on that card!

FM: I know about Jaidon Codrington and Phil Williams, is there anything else set in stone?

[Here Truax talks about some proposed matchups which, while not exactly top-secret, will require confirmation from Tony Grygelko at Seconds Out Promotions prior to publication.]

FM: Is Willshaun going to be on this card, do you know?

CT: That’s what they’re talking about in the gym, but who knows? That’s gym talk. But you’ve got guys like Jon Schmidt, Jeremy McLaurin…

FM: The usual suspects…

CT: The usual suspects!


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