Minnesotans’ Results at the National Golden Gloves Tourney (2009)

To be updated as more results become available:

May 4

141# – Jamal James (COD) decisions Deondrae Malvin of Mid-South region

May 5

119# – Brad Heroff (Brunette Boxing) is decisioned by John Franklin of Colorado-New Mexico

132# – Tony Lee (Rice Street) decisions Yahman Phelps of Cincinnatti

152# – Javontae Starks (COD) decisions Daniel Denny, Wisconsin (WBL) decisions Jacque Lutz, Pennsylvania

178#Robert Brant (WBL) decisions Jacque Lutz of Pennsylvania

201+ – Serkley Karpenko (Rice Street) decisions Garret Simon, Nevada

May 6

112# – Jonathan Perez (COD) is decisioned by Michael Ruiz of California

125# – Jose Hilario (Uppercut Gym) is decisioned by Jose haro jr of Rocky Mountain

132# – Tony Lee (Rice Street) is decisioned by Erick Deleon of Detroit

141# – Jamal James (COD) decisions George Rincon of Texas

152# – Javontae Starks (COD) decisions Steven Martinez of New York Metro

165# – Deontric Jordan (Uppercut Gym) is decisioned by Luis Arias of Wisconsin

178# – Robert Brant (WBL) is decisioned by Alejandro Canez of Rocky Mountain

201+ – Serkley Karpenko (Rice Street) wins by Medical DQ Jonathon Guidry of Mid-South

May 7

141# – Jamal James (COD) decisions Jonathan Garcia of California

152# – Javontae Starks (COD) decisions Miroslav Lokes of Nevada

201+ – Serkley Karpenko (Rice Street) is decisioned by Lenroy Thompson of Kansas City

May 8

141# – Jamal James (COD) decisions Johnny Garcia of Michigan

152# – Javontae Starks (COD) decisions Juan Rodriguez of New Jersey


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