Today a poster identified only as “John” posted the following blurb on the Minnesota Boxing Forum.

“From good sources I have been told that Allen Litzau received a call, during that call he was asked if he would be willing to fight Willshaun Boxley. He replied sure I’d fight him, an offer was then made & he accepted! I can’t believe this is really going to happen, I think Boxley has too much for him. My bets are set already, (^;

I only have one question Boxley have you heard any of this yet? If so will you accept to fight?”

A quick call to the Litzau brothers’ manager, Bob Van Syckle, elicited a decisive and authoritative response.  “[A fight] has not been offered.”  Van Syckle further asserted that “the sticking point has always been that they wanted Allen to come way, way down on weight,” and as far as he knows no concessions have been made on weight.  Asked whether there was anything at all going on for either brother, Van Syckle had this to say: “Regarding Jason, there’s some things in the works, but nothing that I can talk about now.”

The Fistic Mystic says: You can’t trust anybody in the boxing business to always tell you the truth all the time. ( You can always trust the Fistic Mystic, but I don’t count because I’m not in the boxing business!)  Which party is right (if either) I can’t determine, but Mr. Van Syckle’s response seems direct and decisive.


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