Caleb Truax: Another Substitution

Word from Tony Grygelko at Seconds Out Promotions is that 11-3-1 James Cook has been replaced as Caleb Truax’s opponent for June 5 at Grand Casino Hinckley.

The new opponent is Durrell Richardson, a southpaw from the boxing hotbed of Youngstown, Ohio.  Richardson sports a record of 11-2 with 4 knockouts.  He’s short on notable wins, but it’s worth mentioning that he owns a majority decision win against Scott Ball from two years ago and is coming off a unanimous decision win against previously unbeaten (6-0-2 with 5 kayos) Davis Thomas.  Durrell’s two losses were consecutive, against Deandre Latimore (now 19-2) and Jesus Gonzales (now 24-1).  Grygelko says that the matchup is designed to showcase Truax’s prowess against southpaws with an eye toward proving his credentials for a match with recently coronated state middleweight champ Andy Kolle.

Caleb Truax

Caleb Truax

Says Truax of his new opponent, “I hear this guy is a pretty damn good, slick boxer.  He went the distance with a guy who’s 23-1 and  with Deandre Lattimore.  So I’m looking forward to showing everybody what I’ve got!”


4 responses to “Caleb Truax: Another Substitution

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  2. yo this is wack. stop tellin me kid has a opponant and always change it. im done byin tickets for these shows til they start tellin fans da truth!

  3. Aw, fooey. Hector, you didn’t buy a ticket because you were hoping to see Tony Hirsch or James Cook. If you bought a ticket, it was because you wanted to see Truax.

  4. Nah man they always switch dis shit up. buy tickets for one card n you end up seein another one all different by da time ya get there. wack ass promoter yo.

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