Joey Abell Gets Rematch with Al Cole

Joey Abell (24-4 with 23 knockouts) and former cruiserweight titlist Al Cole (35-14 with 16 knockouts) are scheduled to rematch their September 2008 bout, won by Cole, in Karlstad Sweden on September 4, 2009.  The 45-year old Cole won the first meeting by taking advantage of Sweden’s odd rules (6 rounds, 2 minutes long) and a headbutt that induced a small but deep and free-bleeding cut on Abell’s brow.  Longer rounds would definitely benefit the younger and very fit Abell.

Abell has talked freely of plans for a busy 2009, and so far his plans have been coming to fruition.  Through May Abell has fought four times this year, winning all four bouts by knockout.  No word yet on whether Abell will take any other fights in the interim, but there has been talk of his appearing in Atlantic City in June and on a Seconds Out card in Minnesota in July.


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