Caleb Truax: Ready to Move On

Fistic Mystic: So you beat Durrell Richardson on Friday night.  How do you feel?

Caleb Traux: I felt fine afterwards, man.  I wasn’t even tired.  I went eight rounds with a guy who didn’t really want to fight.  I was frustrated the whole time.  He didn’t want to fight, he just wanted to be a track star!

Fistic Mystic: Please share your thoughts on your win.

Caleb Truax: I’ve never fought anyone who was more interested in getting away than in fighting.  Even when I had him caught in the corner, he would make like Barry Sanders and juke and then run away.  That’s the story of the fight.  Obviously I didn’t agree with the one judge, but in the end I got the win, and that’s the important thing when you have an ugly fight like that one.  (The scores are reported as 80-72, 79-74, and 77-75 for Truax)

Fistic Mystic: Do you know when you’ll fight again?

Caleb Truax: I think I might fight the end of July in Saint Paul.  I’m not sure, I haven’t gone to the gym and discussed it with Tony and Ron yet, but hopefully on the 25th of July, which is a Saturday.  They’ve been talking about maybe Robert Kamya, I think he’s 16-10 or something.


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