Phil Williams: Ready for Jungle Boy

Fistic Mystic: First of all, congratulations on a great performance.  You guys put on quite a show.  I hope you got some ice afterwards!

Phil Williams: Oh yeah, a little bit.  I didn’t need much ice though.  My hand is real good.  Doesn’t bother me at all.

Fistic Mystic: Phil, tell me what you thought of your opponent, Antwun Echols.  And did you get a chance to talk to him afterwards?

Phil Williams: Yeah, we talked a little bit.  I was glad he came to fight me.  I hope he’ll come to spar me and help me get ready for my next fight.  He said he appreciated me fighting him clean, and I appreciated him giving me a chance to fight him.  You know, in a way I was glad that Jaidon Codrington dropped out.  Because when he gets hit his whole body gets weak and he falls apart.  Echols gave me a much better fight than I think Codrington would have.

Echols his me with a good punch in the fourth round but I was more tired than hurt.  I’ve never been in a fight like that before, where we kept going back and forth like that.  But now I have, and it felt good!

Fistic Mystic: Now we have to talk about Zach Walters.

Phil Williams: He don’t want no part of me.  It isn’t personal, Zach is a nice guy, and I always say that every time I talk about him.  But he don’t want me.  He’s running scared.

Fistic Mystic: Have you heard what they’re saying up in Duluth now?  According to Todd at, Chuck Horton and Jungle Boy are on board.  They want this fight to happen, too.  But now, if it’s a state light heavyweight title fight, they’re probably going to claim the right to defend in their hometown.  Would you be willing to go to Duluth to fight him?

Phil Williams: That fight doesn’t deserve to be in Duluth.  Even though I could come up there and knock him out in his back yard, that fight needs to be in Minneapolis.  That fight should be at the Target Center.  Let’s get the biggest crowd we can get, and that isn’t going to happen in Duluth.  I don’t have a specific home territory where I fight at.  The casual fan wants to see this fight.  Jungle Boy and I, as fighters we need to make this fight happen.  We’ll be cheating the Minnesota boxing fans if we don’t fight.

The Fistic Mystic says (part 1): Both The Drill and the Jungle Boy are moving down from light heavyweight to super middleweight.  Both men say that super middle is their natural weight, and as Williams is pleased to point out, he outraced Walters to their new division.  So why would the Minnesota light heavyweight title need to be at stake in a meeting between the two?  It would make more sense for them to fight for the (presumably) vacant Minnesota super middleweight title.  Then there would be no point in making the fight in Duluth.

The Fistic Mystic Says (part 2): Williams is self-managed, so he wants Chuck Horton or Zach Walters to contact him directly to begin negotiations for a fight.  Chuck and Zach, if you don’t have Williams’ phone number, please contact me and I’ll give it to you.  You both have my email address.

2 responses to “Phil Williams: Ready for Jungle Boy

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  2. Jungle's Biggest Fan!!

    I think that the fight in duluth would be a great idea, and i think that if we could have the fight at the DECC that we could get just as many people to go as if it were being held at the target center, people want to see this fight go down, so there going to drive from the cities to duluth, just as we would drive to the cities as well. this would be a great fight, no matter where its going to be held.

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