Quincy Miner Speaks Up

Quincy Miner has issued a short statement about his abrupt departure from Saturday night’s boxing show at Robert’s Off Ten.  The unannounced abandonment left opponent Rocky Graziano Jr without an opponent and left promoter Tony Grygelko of Seconds Out Promotions in the lurch.

Miner’s statement, alternately belligerent and contrite, is below.

“Ain’t no way in hell that I can fight for a few dollars – which was because my corner man was going to take over half my purse. But I will admit I should not have walked away from that fight like a did. It caused a few problems and I have to take it as a learning experience. Tony Grygelko, the promoter, had no idea I was going to walk away from the fight. My corner’s actions that made me mad had absolutely nothing to do with Tony. I will fight for him again, if Tony would be willing to accept my apology. And, I would definitely like to give Rocky Gruciano Jr. a real good boxing lesson, because I did not leave because of Rocky either. It was all a personal issue between me and my corner.”

8 responses to “Quincy Miner Speaks Up

  1. interesting….

  2. Thanks for the update, Fistic. I was wondering what had happened. I had heard that the cancelled fight was due to an an argument with his girlfriend and it seemed like an unprofessional reason to leave a fight.

  3. I think it’s true that there was an argument, but it was a result of his decision to leave; not the cause of his leaving.

  4. This is news to me!!!
    I was to work his corner and I was told that it was because of an argument between him and his wife!!! Quincy was outside in the parking lot talking to his wife walking around the building, etc… They were both visibly upset. I was finally able to drag him to the locker room to wrap his hands during the first bout. He then told me he was going to the car to get his boxing trunks, after he left to get his trunks I decided to walk outside as well to make sure he was in a hurry as his bout was the next fight. As I walked into the parking lot I saw his car backing out of his parking spot and leaving the venue.
    I called and text him numerous times with no answer or response. I was in shock myself and told Tony what had just happened.
    Now to see that this 33 year old man is somehow trying to blame me for this is unbelievable!
    I spent over $300 for rental car & gas alone to make a special trip to do him a favor.
    Just wanted the TRUTH to be told!

  5. Jason:

    1. Quincy didn’t mention your name, so 99.8% of boxing fans wouldn’t know who he was talking about if you didn’t post a comment here.
    2. Quincy didn’t blame you for anything; in his statement there’s no implication or hint of anything that you did wrong. He just said that he was upset with you. If you know why and want to make a big deal about it, well you live in the USA and you still have that right.

  6. Bottom line is I had nothing to do with him not fighting. He is simply showing complete disrespect for the sport of boxing, Tony Grygelko, Rocky Graziano, Jr, all the fans, the MN boxing commission and myself.

  7. Walking out on a fight was disrespectful, but I don’t see that Miner’s statement is disrespectful.

    But personal and professional issues between you and him ought to be worked out privately.

  8. That’s what I don’t think you understand, there were no issues between us. He simply told me that he would pay me X amount to go there and work his corner and I agreed.

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