Upcoming Boxing Event: July 25 at the Saint Paul Armory

What to watch for: Caleb Truax fights an opponent with an impressively lopsided record for the first time in Anthony Perez of Indiana.  Last time in the ring Perez lost a majority decision to James McGirt Jr in six rounds.  Caviat: Perez has only fought three times in the last five years, all three fights ending in loss.  What would have been the highest-profile bout of the night has been reduced to an exhibition, as Mohammed Kayongo takes on Jamar “Young Prince” Patterson of New York.  Patterson’s management situation has been complicated in the past, but after fighting just once in nearly three years, he appears poised to restart his prizefighting career.  Jeremy McLaurin continues to accumulate wins and experience, his victim this time will be debutant Tyson Staples.  Willshaun Boxley looks to rebound from his surprising loss to Thomas Snow earlier this summer, his designated victim is Josh Holiday.  If you haven’t seen Ismail Muwendo fight yet, don’t miss this chance.  The young sharpshooter is worth the price of admission by himself.  And Charles Meier squares off against Nathan Willkes of Indiana, whose awful record conceals the fact that he has won in two of his last three contests, both wins coming by knockout.

Caleb Truax (12-0 with 8 kayos) -vs- Anthony Perez (25-6 with 14 kayos), middleweights, scheduled for eight rounds

Mohammed Kayongo (14-2 with 10 kayos) -vs- Jamar Patterson (8-0 with 4 kayos), welterweights, exhibition match, scheduled for eight rounds

Jeremy McLaurin (4-0 with 3 kayos) -vs- Tyson Staples (debut), lightweights, scheduled for four rounds

Willshaun Boxley (5-1 with 3 kayos) -vs- Josh Holiday (debut), featherweights, scheduled for four rounds

Ismail Muwendo (3-0 with 2 kayos) -vs- Brandon Buckey (debut), featherweights, scheduled for four rounds

Charles Meier (2-1 with 1 kayo) -vs- Nathan Willkes (2-17 with 2 kayos), middleweights, scheduled for four rounds


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