Quotable: Caleb Truax on Patrick Perez and Andy Kolle

Caleb Truax improved his record to 13-0 with a dramatic victory against 25-6 Patrick Perez on Saturday night.  The Fistic Mystic talked to Caleb on Sunday morning, highlights from that conversation are below.

Fistic Mystic: Your performance in St Paul last night has got people talking about you.  Tell me how that fight developed.

Caleb Truax: I started off kind of feeling him out like I always do.  By the end of the first and the second round we got to throwing fricking bombs.  He took everything I had to give in the third and fourth, and in the fifth he started slowing me down with a lot of body punches.  Then in the seventh I hit him with a good uppercut and a straight right and Mark Nelson jumped in and stopped it.

FM: How close were you to going down in the fifth?

CT: He never really hurt me but he hit me with a good shot and kind of buzzed me.  I had a ringing in my ears.  For a round there I was kind of gassed until I got my second wind, but I don’t think I was close to going down.

FM: Did you talk to your opponent afterwards?  What did he say?

CT: He said that he was impressed with me.  He said that he had fought Bronco McKart, and as an amateur he was the Puerto Rican amateur champ and fought Shane Moseley and David Reid.

FM: You were a little reluctant to talk about Andy Kolle the last time I tried you.  Are you ready to talk about that proposed fight, or do you have any other events in the planning stages first?

CT: Well, back then it was talk, and now it seems like they’re not interested anymore.  Tony G is trying to make the fight, but it seems like they have other plans or something.  The ball is in his [Kolle’s] court, he’s the champ, so I’m not going to wait around for him.  I’m not that impressed with him as a boxer, I think I see things in his game that I can exploit, but I’ve talked to him a few times and he seems like a good dude.  We want that fight just like the fans do.


One response to “Quotable: Caleb Truax on Patrick Perez and Andy Kolle

  1. caleb is the real deal. kolle better give him his due

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