Boxing Results: August 8 at Wyatt Earp’s in Ramsey, Minnesota

Three of the night’s four fights came off without a hitch, but the outdoor venue came back to haunt organizers when rainstorms passing through Anoka county stopped the main event after just one round.

  • Willshaun Boxley (5-1 with 3 kayos) -vs- William Hernandez (2-0 with no kayos) was declared a No Contest after 1 round of six scheduled, due to heavy rain.
  • Robert Kamya (now 17-10 with 4 kayos) defeated Joshua Rodriguez (now 4-10 with 3 kayos) by split decision after six rounds.
  • Marvin Rodriguez (now 2-2 with 1 kayo) defeated Ryan Stock (now 0-2) by TKO after 1 round of 4 scheduled.
  • Dan Copp (now 1-1 with no kayos) defeated Derek Adams (now 0-1) by unanimous decision after four rounds.

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