Upcoming Boxing Event: August 14 at The Myth in Maplewood

Matt Vanda (right) mixes it up with John Duddy

Matt Vanda (right) mixes it up with John Duddy

What to watch for: Matt Vanda tests the super middleweight waters with moderately tough and moderately dangerous but always fit Teddy Muller of Moline, IL.  Muller has faced some very stiff competition over the years, and has an entertaining style.  Sort of like a less successful version of Vanda.  Ceresso Fort looks to notch another win against fellow St Paulite Ray Walker.  Brad Patraw takes on an experienced opponent in a quest to increase his win total and gain more experience.  Bobby Kliewer, who tells mnboxingleague.com that he’s in great shape for a change, will engage John Turner in a fight he should win.  Jose Hilario, brother of popular local pro Wilton Hilario, finally turns pro against dangerous Hector Orozco, who stole RJ Laase’s “0” in Duluth last spring.  Cousins and “brothers” Antwan Robertson and Derek Winston will box in an exhibition as Winston continues to mull turning pro under the tutelage of John Hoffman.

  • Matt Vanda (40-9 with 22 kayos) -vs- Ted Muller (19-15 with 9 kayos), super middleweights, scheduled for 8 rounds
  • Ceresso Fort (6-0 with 6 kayos) -vs- Ray Walker (1-6 with no kayos), middleweights, scheduled for 6 rounds
  • Brad Patraw (5-0 with 3 kayos) -vs- Javier Segura (4-16 with 4 kayos), super bantamweights, scheduled for 6 rounds
  • Robert Kliewer (9-8 with 4 kayos) -vs- John Turner (3-11 with no kayos), super middleweights, scheduled for 6 rounds
  • Jose Hilario (pro debut) -vs- Hector Orozco (1-2 with no kayos), junior welterweights, scheduled for 4 rounds
  • Exhibition: Antwan Robertson (4-1 with 3 kayos) -vs- Derek Winston (0-0), scheduled for 4 rounds

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