Live Round-by-Round: August 14 at the Myth in Maplewood, Minnesota

Matt Vanda (now 41-9 with 22 knockouts) defeats Ted Muller (now 19-16 with 9 kayos) by unanimous decision after eight rounds.

Round 1

The combatants meet in the center of the ring and Muller reaches first, missing with a couple of jabs.  Vanda returns the gesture, and a clinch ensues.  Muller lands first, with a slow three-punch combination – downstairs and then upstairs.  Muller is using his size advantage to bull Vanda backwards,Vanda for his part is working the body from very close quarters.  Vanda is keeping his head down and his hands up, emerging occasionally to throw power shots.  A one-two lands for Vanda.  Muller switches stances but Vanda tags him and he reverts.  Muller is now stepping in with the jab, then throws an overhand right that misses.  Vanda, though smaller is rocking Muller with power shots, when he throws them.  Vanda lands a left-right-left, then a punching clinch and the round is over.

Round 2

After some flurrying, Vanda throws a right that landed low, and Muller takes fifteen seconds to recuperate.  The pair touch gloves, and it’s back on.  Muller is pursuing Vanda and occasionally catching him, but Vanda is throwing punches moving backwards.  Though Muller  may be stronger, Vanda is quicker and his punches are snapping.  Vanda is throwing the left jab out there, then following a moment later with hooks.  Muller lands a solid right to the ribs of Vanda, but the Predator looks no worse for wear.  Vanda lands a combination that bounces Muller backwards intoa corner, but Muller comes out strong and traps Vanda against the ropes.  Vanda connects with a very strong jab, and the two commence to circling.  Muller throws a three punch combo that doesn’t land, Vanda returns fire and lands a couple of hooks to the body.  Muller throws a right-left-right-right that lands, but Vanda strikes back hard.  The bell rings and the two men touch gloves before returning to their corners.

Round 3

After some preliminary stroking, Vanda connects with a good straight right that causes Muller discomfort.  Vanda is comfortable out there, flicking the jab and following his opponent wherever it pleases Muller to go.  Muller has a strong jab, but a slow one, and it isn’t doing him much good.  Showing good movement and anticipation, Muller ducks away from some Vanda punches, but when Vanda catches him with a right to the body, it clearly hurts him.  Muller flurries to cover his vulnerability, and the moment passes.  Muller is landing some one-twos, but nothing of note.  Vanda continues to pursue, Muller leaning forward at the waist to protect his body.  Ron Lyke can be heard shouting from the corner to “Hit the body, hit the body!”  Muller walks forward, throwing a punch with each step, until Vanda pushes him back with a few weary power shots.

Round 4

Muller comes right out with a left-right, but then backs off.  Vanda keeps tossing his head to the right, possibly dealing with sweat in his eyes or a congested nose.  Vanda lands three good shots that hurt Muller, and when Muller appears vulnerable Vanda charges in, initially landing some good shots but then eating a few as Muller returns fire.  The two move to the center of the ring, where Vanda shoves a strong left jab into Muller’s face.  Muller is occasionally flinching away from contact, but alternately lunging in with hooks and straights.  Vanda pauses to  blow out his left nostril.  Muller is moving backwards now, back and to his left.  Vanda gets caught by a left cross but it does no harm.  Vanda is comfortable coming forward, apparently knowing that he’ll get the better of most exchanges.  Bell and round.

Round 5

Muller lands a good short right to start things out.  Vanda is moving forward and looking for an opening.  Muller grimaces at a left-right from Vanda.  Muller is tired but tough.  Vanda throws a low left hook that makes Muller retreat, then Muller lands a couple of single left jabs.  Muller lands a tentative one-two, but then Vanda comes back with several hard hooks to the body.  Muller is trying to keep Vanda at bay with the jab, but when Vanda comes inside, Muller does some good work with short hooks.  Vanda lands another hard left jab, and Muller walks backwards and leans against the ropes.  Muller lands a right hook to the side of Vanda’s head, but Vanda is unfazed and lands two very strong left hooks to the body.  Muller misses with a right and then shakes his right hand, as though it is hurt.  Vanda is beginning to look arm-weary, but is at least keeping his hands up.

Round 6

Vanda’s face is unmarked and he is up early from his stool, bouncing on his toes as he waits for the round to start.  Muller has feet far apart and is trying to lean in with jabs and hooks, but Vanda connects a strong three-punch combination.  Vanda stagger-steps forward and then grins at Muller.  Muller responds with a furious flurry that make Vanda retreat to the opposite corner.  Muller can barely swing his arms now, and Vanda is stalking.  Vanda misses with a right from long range.  A left hook to the base of Muller’sneck causes him to pause for a second, but then he puts his head down and pushes Vanda across the ring.  Muller finds his best offense close in, where Vanda cannot defend, but his misfortune is that Vanda is equally adept in close.  the two are trading in Vanda’s corner at the bell, and Muller, who is coming forward, throws one right long after the bell.  Vanda gives him a shove, but then turns away.

Round 7

Muller is slow enough that he’s having trouble moving Vanda’s moving target.  Now Muller digs dep to find three left jabs that land, but Vanda returns the favor with a left jab that snaps his head back.  A left hook to the body and left hook to the head of Muller throw him backwards into the ropes, but he comes back with some thudding body shots of his own.  Muller’s favorite target is Vanda’s left shoulder, but occasionally he finds Vanda’s head instead.  Vanda is trying to throw double hooks.  Muller swoops in with a right uppercut that catches Vanda a glancing blow, and after some ineffectual trading, comes home with a couple of wicked body shots.  After a brief lull, Vanda comes back with a series of hooks that would certainly floor a smaller man.

Round 8

the last round begins with a heartfelt hug, then the battling begins anew.  Muller is leaning far forward to land several strong jabs, but Vanda, as always, appears unscathed.  A left jab-right hook lands for Muller, but Vanda comes to life, attacking with multiples power shots from evil angles.  Vanda retreats fro man engagement but then stumbles backwards into the ropes.  Vanda comes back with a vengeance, landing a series of left and rigt hooks to the body of Muller.  In the center of the ring a Vanda left buckles Muller’s knees, but Muller stays on his feet.  muller is only throwing arm shots now, and Vanda smells blood.  Vandalands a right to the head of Muller that causes a stumble, then the two trade with huge power shots until AMulle loses his balance and stumbles to a neutral corner.  As the round comes to a close two exhausted warriors are flinging everything they have at each other, but it’s clear now that neither will score the knockout.  this round, and the fight, go clearly to Vanda, but Muller deserves a ton of credit for a strong effort against an intense and well conditioned opponent.

Brad Patraw (now 6-0 with 4 kayos) defeats Javier Segura (now 4-17 with 4 kayos) by TKO at 2:47 in round 4 of 6 scheduled.

Round 1

Segura comes out brave and aggressive and actually lands a few punches, but Patraw’s speed and accuracy show.  Patraw cuffs Segura around the ring at will for nearly three minutes.  though Segura is tough and willing, he’s unable to connect with Patraw’s head, even when Patraw leaves himself open.  Flurries to Segura’s body hurt him badly, and there are extended periods where he can get nothing going.  Round dominated by Patraw.

Round 2

Segura comes out winging, and manages to land a couple of  hooks to the jaw of Patraw.  Patraw is relaxing and not forcing the action, but is showing a tendency to showboat, particularly by swinging his right hand like a pendulum.  They say speed kills, and Patraw is showing plenty.  Referee Gary Miezwa is letting the fight go on despite Segura’s inability to compete.  A fierce uppercut rocks Segura, and Patraw follows it up with a series of power shots to the body and head.  Segura appears ready to go down, but he lasts tothe bell.  Segura throws a couple of punches after the bell and Patraw responds in kind.

Round 3

Patraw comes out jabbing, but then reverts to his early pattern of hooks to the body followed by hooks to the head.  Segura is clearly frustrated and hurt, but he’s hanging in there.  Patraw is moving backwards and to his right and countering Segura’s wild shots effectively.  Segura must be tough as nails, but he can muster no offense against the superior Patraw.  Patraw lands a winging right to the rribs and left to the ear of Segura.  Patraw is picking his shots now.  Segura finally lands a straight left, but there’s nothing behind it.  Patraw is pawing with the jab, taking a rest.  Now the two trade as the round draws to a close, neither man scoring anything of note.

Round 4

Surprisingly, Segura looks stronger and more aggressive at the start of this round, but Patraw continues to counter effectively moving backwards.  Segura lands a good left hook, and Patraw backs into a corner.  Now a body shot makes Patraw grimace, and Segura puts his head into Patraw’s chest and throws a ton of body shots.  Patraw finally bends his knees and dips down to throw a power shot.  After a lengthy lull, Patraw throws a series of hooks that momentarily freeze Segura, but Segura is showing a true Mexican fighter’s heart.  A right from Patraw knocks Segura’s mouthpiece out, and Patraw takes the cue to flurry.  Referee Miezwa breaks the action to reinsert the offending hunk of rubber.  Segura can only bum rush and maul Patraw now, and he does so effectively until a single right from Patraw knocks him wobbly.  Patraw sees Segura reach for a rope to steady himself and charges in, landing about half of the fifteen or twenty power shots he throws until Miezwa has seen enough and jumps in to make a good stoppage.



Ceresso Fort (now 7-0 with 7 kayos) defeats Yancy Cuellar (now 0-6) by KO in  56 seconds into round 1 of 6 scheduled.

Round 1

Cuellar comes out with an odd crouching stance and his arms almost crossed in front of him.  Ducking and punching, Cuellar hooks Fort twice in the left butt cheek.  Fort throws a combination for the first time and catches Cuellar with a crushing body punch.  Cuellar doesn’t want to continue, so he doesn’t.  He remains on his face until the fight is waved off, then gets up and casually walks back to his corner.



Jose Hilario (now 1-0 with 1 knockout) defeats John Swanberg (now 0-1 ) by knockout at 1:00 in the first round of four scheduled.

Round 1

Swanberg begins the fight cowering and jabbing, Hilario is clearly the stronger man.  A clash is inconclusive as both men punch and miss coming in.   Swanberg has a bad habit of fighting on his toes with his chin in the air, and Hilario is taking advantage.  Swanberg is down!  A monstrous right uppercut to the body ends the fight, but referee Gary Miezwa gives Swanberg some time to rise.  He remains on his knees with his forehead on the mat until Miezwa waves the fight off.


Bobby Kliewer (now 10-8 with 5 kayos) defeats John Turner (3-12 with no kayos) by TKO at 2:32 in the first of four scheduled rounds

Round 1

The much taller Kliewer comes out stalking, but Turner aggresses with a lunging jab immediately.  Backing Turner into the ropes, Kliewer lands a flurry.  Turner moves well, but Kliewer’s longer reach is showing.  Kliewer lands a good right uppercut as Turner tries to come in.  Turner is ducking and lunging.  Seconds later, Turner is now fighting on his heels.  Kliewer lands a good three-punch combination that puts Turner on his butt and into the ropes.  Quick getting back to his feet, Turner nods as referee Mark Nelson gives him a mandatory eight count.  Turner is moving and punching, but Kliewer is a much more effective offensive fighter.  Kliewer traps Turner on the ropes and connects with about six straight power shots, Turner nearly topples through the ropes, and referee Nelson leaps in to rescue him.  Fight over.


Exhibition: Antwan Robertson (4-1 with 3 kayos) –vs- Derek Winston (amateur) – The Fistic Mystic says that if this were a real bout, Winston would have won all four rounds by varying margins.

Round 1

 Round begins with much jabbing and circling.   Winston is doing the pursuing, neither man is throwing with evil intentions.   About a minute in Winston hits and hurts his cousin with a three punch combination.  Robertson, as is his wont, is fighting from a defensive posture.  Right-right-left and then a flurry from Robertson, that’s his first good offensive moment.  Winston is looking very good, landing a lot more punches.  Robertson flurries to the body about five seconds before the bell.

Round 2

 Winston is coming forward and traps Robertson in a corner momentarily, landing two to the body and one to the head.  Robertson lands a sharp jab to the midsection of Winston.  Robertson, back to the ropes, eats a couple of good shots.  Robertson is consistently moving backward, but now comes forward and gets caught in a headlock.  Winston is grinning as the two break up.  Right and left to the body land for Winston, then a big head shot.  Robertson answers with one big punch.  Upppercut misses badly for obertson, and he backs up only to get hit and hurt again.  The two smile at each other and then clinch.    Winston is a monster to the body.  Distress is visible on Robertson’s face as the round ends.

Round 3

winston is bouncing laterally and jabbing sharply to begin the third.  Robertson lands two to the body and one tot he head, but then backs up to the ropes and gets caught with a wicked combination to the body.  Winston lunges with a jab to the body, which robertson mimics.  neither finds success.  Left hook for Winston lands and moves robertson, then another right freezes Robertson.  Winston flurries, then Robertson throws an extended flurry which has little effect but shows well.  One has to be impressed with winston’s professional bearing and aggressiveness.  Left hook to the belly hurts Robertson, and he retreats again.  Winston feints and Robertson flinches, backs into a corner, and gets hit with another good flurry.Robertson, who usually scores well with single shots, isn’t tonight.

Round 4

Robertson lands a triple right jab to begin the round, and is now boxing on equal terms with his cousin.  Robertson ducks and backs into the ropes as a flurry lands for Winston.  A clinch and a break are followed by some weary slugging by Winston.  The two throw simultaneous jabs, then Winston lands a series of serious hooks.  Left hook lands for winston.  Robertson lands some power shots going backward for the first time tonight.  The boxers are trading power shots in the middle of the ring, both landing but neither getting the upper hand.  Both men are landing, but Winston is following up on his successes better.  Some more ineffective punches and grins, and the final bell rings.


3 responses to “Live Round-by-Round: August 14 at the Myth in Maplewood, Minnesota

  1. Johnny Rodriguez Jr.

    Hey Ben, how was the crowd?

  2. Great to read, thanks!

  3. It was kind of sparse and the crowd didn’t get into it right away. I thought the house music was ridiculously deafeningly loud, but by the time Vanda/Muller started the place was a zoo and the crowd was making more noise than the DJ.

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