Comments and Analysis: Jason Litzau -vs- Verquan Kimbrough


“Jason’s just starting to grow into a mature fighter now.  He was confident going in and I was confident that he would do what he did…he did what he’s supposed to do.  He’s still working on his defense – he’s doing it beautifully in the gym.  The best weight class for him right now is probably 130#, but if the right offer comes along, you never know what might happen.”  Bob Van Syckle, Jason Litzau’s manager

“It was a learning experience.  It was the first time I was in the ring with a fighter that much taller (five inches) and I fought the wrong type of fight…The fight was a step up in opponents for me. He was one of the elite athletes in this weight class, and I fought the wrong fight.”  Verquan Kimbrough, Litzau’s unfortunate victim

“Jason got him out of there before I finished my first drink. That made me happy. I was glad to see him use his God-given skills to rejuvenate his career and I was happy to play the small part that I did putting this fight together!” Cory Rapacz, local matchmaker


Jason Litzau was…impressive in his one-sided annihilation of Verquan Kimbrough. Litzau came out throwing long hard right hands from the opening bell. He obviously was enjoying his five inch height advantage. He was looking to end things early, and was oblivious to Kimbrough’s power or lack thereof…” East Side Boxing

“Litzau was like a tall bean pole at featherweight and the added nine pounds seems to have made the tall 5’10” Litzau much stronger than he was in the past…Litzau’s punches seemed to be much harder and his ability to take shots seemed to have improved as well. What helped Litzau even more was that he had a five inch height advantage over the 5’5” Kimbrough, which allowed Litzau to bomb Kimbrough from the relative safety of the outside – not that Litzau was shy about getting hit, mind you…He didn’t really seem to care whether he was hit or not.”  Jim Dower, reporting for

“…Litzau has moved up to lightweight and the 26-year-old from St. Paul, Minn., looks a lot stronger. He sure looked that way against Kimbrough, whom he thoroughly dominated in a one-sided beating. In the second round, Litzau cut Kimbrough by his right eye and knocked him down twice. Litzau continued to punish Kimbrough, 26, of Pittsburgh, in the third round. Kimbrough, whose legs were very shaky, barely made it out of the third and his corner appropriately stopped the bout. Litzau still takes too many punches, but Kimbrough has so little power, he didn’t have to pay for it. If Litzau can tighten that defense a little more, maybe he can make some noise. Even if he doesn’t, he’s still fun to watch.”  ESPN’s Dan Rafael


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