A Wishlist for the Minnesota Boxing Fan

I know, if wishes were horses and all that.  But there are some things that, no matter how impossible (like good Chinese food in Fargo), are still worth wishing for.

I wish I knew when and where Joey Abell and Raphael Butler were going to fight for the state heavyweight title.  Also that I knew who the last state heavyweight champ for Minnesota was.  I bet Jake Wegner knows.

I wish for lots of revenue for Minnesota’s boxing promoters.  Not just lots of money; tons of money – I want them ro-o-o-lling in dough!  Why?  I’m tired of fighters turning down fights, tired of shows getting canceled, promoters wailing about one another’s faithlessness, deceitfulness, and crookedness…but I suppose money wouldn’t heal that malfunction, so never mind.  Mainly I want the promoters to make out like bandits (har-har) so they can put on more frequent shows.

I wish that one club or bar would host a series of regular boxing shows – bring back the fight club in the night club!  Seriously, wouldn’t it be nice to know that every so often you could catch a decent local show in the same place, with the same setup, and in an intimate setting?

I wish for more boxing shows in the northwest quadrant of the state of Minnesota.  A bunch of boxing clubs are located there, in towns like Wadena, Fergus Falls, and Detroit Lakes, and on the White Earth and Red Lake reservations.  Those clubs have churned out a goodly percentage of Minnesota’s pro boxers, past and present.  Wouldn’t it be nice for the local boys to fight close to home more often?

I wish that Willshaun Boxley hadn’t had his fight with Chris Avalos pulled from beneath him, but that’s already happened, so now I’m wishing for a new great match for Boxley.

I wish that we would get some good news about the health of our boxing commissioner, Scott LeDoux.  Love him or hate him, he’s the guy at the top of the totem pole.  He’s the honcho.

I wish there was no such thing as womens’ boxing.  Not that I’m totally opposed to girlfights, but those are supposed to happen behind the high school or in an alley, and end up on Youtube®.  Call me a chauvinist, but I still get creeped out watching ladies beat each other up, round after round, all sanctioned and legal-like.

I wish (here’s the dangerous part – where I start naming names) that Caleb Truax and Kenny Kost would fight in the Cities.  I wish that Andy Kolle could get a crack at Julio Cesar Chavez Jr, and finish what Matt Vanda started.  I wish that all the guys who claim they want to cut a little more weight and fight in a lower class would just do it already.  I wish that Minnesota’s small men would fight each other without so much posturing and taunting (exemption to Antwan Robertson and Brad Patraw – thanks, guys!)  I wish that Jason Litzau and Wilton Hilario had gone through with their planned fight the first time, and then the second time it was announced.  I wish for a rematch of Corey Rodriguez and Dave Peterson, someplace that I have the time and money and inclination to travel to.  I wish that Antonio Johnson would rematerialize from whatever vaporized state he has disappeared to.

I wish that every time I expressed an opinion, some local boxing professional wouldn’t get all p’d off and call me in a huff.  “What makes you such an expert, Bozo?”

What are you wishing for?  Leave a comment!


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