Willshaun Boxley Scheduled to fight Eric Hunter in Philly

Here’s what the Fistic Mystic knows: According to www.boxrec.com, Willshaun Boxley (5-1 with 3 kayos) is scheduled to face high-profile prospect Eric Hunter (10-1 with 4 kayos) in a 6-round featherweight bout in Philadelphia on Saturday, September 26.  Boxrec reveals that the show is promoted by the Bionic Bull himself, Brian Cohen.  Boxley’s friend and publicist Brett Mauren Jr confirms that the two are fighting.

Boxley must not be superstitious – the last time he fought a 10-1 opponent he lost an uninspired majority decision to Thomas Snow in June.

Despite the gaudy record, Hunter is vulnerable.  Though he has good wins on his record (having bagged UDs against 19-11 Pasqual Rouse, 9-1 Tyrell Samuel, and 7-0 Jules Blackwell), he also has a loss against Carlos Vinan, who was 6-3 at the time and only 1-5-3 since.  And Hunter isn’t punchless, but he’s no powerhouse.  More importantly, Hunter hasn’t fought in over 13 months.  As we’ve recently seen with Floyd Mayweather Junior, that may or may not have some bearing on the outcome.  Since Eric Hunter is no Money Mayweather, my money is on it means something.


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