Update From Jesse Barbot

Jesse Barbot gives an update on his upcoming fight, his friend Antwan Robertson, and the status of the new boxing program at ACA in Fargo.

On the October 23 fights at Shooting Star Casino:

“(My original opponent) Nick Runningbear pulled out two weeks ago.  I’m now fighting Mike Davis, who’s known as a real brawler.  He’s a very tough guy with really heavy hands, so I’ve got to move my head and stay on my toes so I don’t get caught.  I’ve had some really good sparring with some guys about his size.”

“I just worked out with Antwan Robertson and John Hoffman yesterday, and I think Antwan’s fight with Brad Patraw is going to be a good one…he’s had problems in the past with letting his hands go, and I think that’s just a result of his not having a lot of amateur experience.  But he knows what he needs to do, and I’ve never seen him look so sharp.”

The 7-bout card starts at 7pm on Friday October 23.  Tickets are available from Shooting Star Casino for $25, $35, and $45.

On the new amateur boxing program in Fargo:

“We haven’t got big numbers yet, only about eight or ten guys so far.  Two of them have some experience working out with Chris Holt in Detroit Lakes.  We have some younger guys and a couple of college students.  Our first competition will be November 14th, I think, in East Grand Forks.  It’ll be nice to have an amateur boxing program back in Fargo!”

Jesse Barbot coaches boxing at the Academy of Combat Arts in Fargo.  Email john@fmaca.com for more signup info.


One response to “Update From Jesse Barbot

  1. Could have added Tyler Hultin to the list. Turned pro in June and doesn’t have another fight scheduled.

    Mohammed Kayongo too!

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