Almost Unbelievable: Kayongo to fight James Todd for IBA Title

It’s being reported in the UK, and has been confirmed by Mohammed Kayongo’s manager Scott Tolzmann, that Kayongo (14-2-1 with 10 kayos) and Welshman James Todd will meet on November 20th at the St Paul Armory with the IBA light welterweight title at stake.

Photo stolen without permission from the BBC.  Ha!

Photo stolen without permission from the BBC. Ha!

Todd, known as “The Sandman,” is just 2-1-1 after losing his most recent bout to Dean Peters Jr by UD only a month ago.  Yet many people in the UK feel there are very big things in store for the youngster from Swansea.

Reached this morning for a comment, Kayongo’s manager, Scott Tolzmann of Tolzmann’s Twin Cities Boxing, had this to say: “We don’t know a whole lot about the kid, except he was a real solid amateur and he’s training out of Big Bear.  But Kayongo is a whole different animal.  Mohammed is motivated, and he’s going to get some work in with Jason Litzau and Ismail Muwendo.”  Tolzmann couldn’t resist the urge to plug another of his fighters: “He’s another one to keep an eye on, is Muwendo.  He just keeps showing us how special he is.  But we’re really excited  about the fight – it’s been so hard to match Mohammed.”

Tolzmann is eager to credit Tony Grygelko for making the fight, saying “Tony came and told me about the opportunity – he’s just been so phenomenal to help my guys get opportunities.”  Reached for comment, Grygelko confirmed “I proposed the fight to John Tandy (Todd’s manager).  We do a lot of work with Tandy and we’ve used some of his fighters in our shows.  We’re going to continue to grow Seconds Out Boxing nationally and internationally, and hopefully we can return boxing to its status as a premier sport in Minnesota.”

In an interview with, Todd said “This is a massive opportunity for me, some people might not take these types of chance so early in their career, but I would not have taken the fight unless I was sure I would take the belt. I feel with my style I suit the longer distance and I plan to become only the second world champion from Swansea [following Enzo Maccarinelli] and currently the only Welsh champion. I would like to thank Talon Boxing and my trainer John Tandy for believing in me and allowing me to take this fight”

The Fistic Mystic says: If I didn’t know how serious Grygelko and Tolzmann are about this fight, I would think someone was pulling my leg.  But they’re dead serious, and what’s more, this news is being reported all over the UK, where Todd was a very high-profile amateur.  Let’s watch and see what develops!


2 responses to “Almost Unbelievable: Kayongo to fight James Todd for IBA Title

  1. darren lindenburn

    James todd is certinaly one to watch . Nobody has yet mentioned that Dean Peters Jr is a 226 fight golden gloves champion and that other spectators have reported the fight should have been todd’s. People are only looking at todds 2-1-1 record without ever seeing him fight. Historicaly in this sport people have underestimated the underdog and then the unthinkable has happend. Todd is a huge british prostect for the sport and his heart is that of a lion. He has had the privelige of training and sparing with numerous world champions in the U.K and has allways impressed and held his own. The british people have a duty! to get behind the welshman and support him when hes fighting three thousand miles away from home with only five of his fans present. Its time for new beginnings!


    Peters was a good amateur, but not exactly the superstar he’s being made out to be!

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