Parting Thoughts on Starstruck Boxing at Mahnomen

  • Congratulations to Antwan Robertson and John Hoffman!  Robertson proved his ability and Hoffman his smarts with the enormous improvement in Robertson’s performance over last March.  Most local fans thought they knew how this one would end, and the Brothers proved that almost everyone was wrong.
  • Kudos also to Hoffman’s pal and helper Sean Hickman, whose trombone-like voice blared in my ear for eight rounds last night – his insights were spot-on and timely, and there’s no doubt that Antwan could hear every last word!  Talking to Hickman after the fight I got the idea that he could really use a lozenge.
  • This was my first time seeing Mike Davis fight, and he more than lived up to his reputation as a heavy-handed scrapper.  It was really impressive to see him out-brawl the Blue Collar Brawler, Jesse Barbot.  I’ll be watching for his name on future fight cards.
  • Nick Whiting’s body shot that ended his bout with Travis McCullough was a bolt of lightning from nowhere.  Nothing he threw in the first round and a half gave a hint of what was to come – until that body shot it looked like McCullough would have his way with Whiting.
  • Derek Winston’s somewhat disappointing performance apparently was due to a hand injury.  Winston’s right hand was swollen and painful after the fight – he didn’t think it was broken, but hopefully he’ll have it checked out.  And hopefully Antwan Robertson’s cousin and favorite sparring partner will heal that hand and return to form for his next bout.
  • I’m not a fan of womens’ boxing, but I have to report that Concha Ross and Brittany Tenbears gave a good account of themselves.  Both were tough and determined.  What neither had was good conditioning.  Both of these ladies were battling exhaustion by the middle of the second round – if one or the other had been in better condition the bout wouldn’t have ended in a draw.
  • Lawrence Goodman showed plenty of power and good coordination in his brief bout with Chance Western.  I heard that Western was recovering from an illness before the fight, and couldn’t help wondering whether that had something to do with his inability to compete.

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