No Hope for November 20 in Saint Paul

There have some hints in the last couple of weeks that Kerry Hope, countryman of IBA welterweight title hopeful James Todd, could accompany his pal to Saint Paul on November 20th and fight Robert Kamya.  One particularly declarative statement came from Todd, who openly posted the planned matchup on Facebook.

Hope, however, is lost.  Or almost certainly will be for a month.  Kerry Hope has been selected to be Matt Korobov’s next victim, for November 14th in Las Vegas.  The chances of Hope not being under suspension a week later are slim indeed.

Korobov, in case you’ve slept through the last three years, is one of the world’s top middleweight prospects.  He’s currently at 7-0 with 6 kayos, but his record barely tells the story.  Korobov has a rock-solid chin and scary power, good enough speed for a middleweight champ, and the backing of Cameron Dunkin and his outfit, TKO Productions.

Too bad – having another Welshman on the bill might have drawn more of a crowd from across the Atlantic.


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