Caleb Truax: Thoughts on Kerry Hope and James Todd

Golden prospect Caleb Truax spoke with me tonight about his upcoming (November 20th) fight, the substitution of 14-2 Kerry Hope for Carl Daniels as his opponent, and James Todd, who will fight Mohammed Kayongo in the co-feature.

Caleb Truax

Caleb Truax

Fistic Mystic: So the fans just found out about your change of opponent within the last 24 hours.  What do you know about your new opponent, Kerry Hope?

Caleb Truax: Actually, when I was out in California he was out there with me.  He had a cut when I was there, so I didn’t get to spar with him or see him spar.  I know he’s in great condition.  He’s built kind of like Jon Schmidt, like a brickhouse!  But it’s strange that he only has one or two knockouts because I’ll tell you, we walk in the gym and he’s hitting the pads – he’s crushing the pads.  He’s shorter and stockier with big broad shoulders and he’s just ripped.  Maybe he just isn’t trying to knock out his opponents, because it looks like he should be getting the knockouts.

Fistic: How long ago did you find out about the change in opponent?

Golden: Just a few days.  Um, Carl Daniels had some legal troubles and they tried to get him out of jail in time, but they couldn’t get him out of jail, I guess.  [laughs]  He’s a bum!

Fistic: Does the change of opponent mean a change in your training or your game plan for the fight?

Golden: It’s a different opponent, it’s a completely different style, but he’s still left-handed and it’s only a week out, so I’m not going to change anything.  He’s younger and hungrier [than Daniels] and he’s going to try to push the pace.  So it’s going to be a better fight for the fans, and better for me because I’ll learn more.

Fistic: Do you think you get more or less credit for beating a guy like Hope, as opposed to a former champ like Daniels?

Golden: Fighting Daniels might have given me more credibility on the national scene, I mean, Daniels has a better name, but he’s lost fifteen out of sixteen fights or something like that.  Hope is going to give me a tougher fight.  So in my mind this is a better fight for me.

Fistic: Of course Kerry Hope is from Wales, just like James Todd…

Golden: I’ll be surprised if that isn’t an awesome fight, with James Todd and Mohammed Kayongo!  That’ll be an exciting fight.  He’s a brawler, Todd, a come-forward guy, and just an exciting, exciting fighter.  People look at him and see his record and they think he isn’t all that – I’ve seen him work out and you would not think that he was a 2-1-1 guy.  He is good.


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