Truax Wins, But…and other thoughts

  • Caleb Truax got the win in his WBF-sanctioned International super middleweight bout against Kerry Hope.  That’s the good news.  I had Truax sweeping the first six rounds, but he was definitely sucking wind at the end, and I had Hope sweeping the last four.  Chalk it up to Hope’s cardiovascular advantage, but it’s undeniable that Truax faded while Hope seemed to get stronger.  What does it mean?  It really depends on how you’re predisposed to interpret it.
  • Kerry Hope got the loss in his fight with Caleb Truax, that’s the bad news for him.  The good news is that his punch-resistance and resilience were tested severely, and he performed well.  Hope’s strong performance in the last half of the fight shows that he’s no patsy.  However, Hope definitely needs to stick with a more suitable weight class.  If he can make junior middle, then that’s where he ought to play.
  • I’ve heard several people say that James Todd looked like crap in his loss to Mohammed Kayongo.  As usual, people are prone to oversimplifying.  The Todd-Kayongo fight looked pretty even until Kayongo landed a big bomb near the end of round 2.  After the first knockdown Todd never really got his feet back under him, and the result was that he either couldn’t get back inside where he did his best work, or he lost the nerve to try.  In any case, from the end of the second until referee Mark Nelson called the fight off, Kayongo was dominant and Todd looked like a shell of himself.
  • I thought that the Michael Faulk-Ryan Soft fight should have been judged a draw.  It seemed pretty obvious to me that Soft had won the first and fourth rounds, while Faulk won the second and third.  But as I’ve said before, I’m not a judge.  I just like to be judgemental.
  • The MMA portion of this show reminded me why I’m not a fan.  A referee who started the bouts off by shrieking “FIGHT!”, fighters punching and elbowing each other in the back of the head, and kicking.  Kicking!  Am I the only man left in North America who remembers growing up in a neighborhood where kids told each other, “Only sissies kick?!”  I just can’t get used to grown men, covered in tattoos, scowling at each other and…kicking.
  • It’s a crying shame that the Charles Meier/Marvin Rodriguez fight didn’t happen.  I’d like to know what happened to Mr. Rodriguez.  If someone who knows the story would like to contact me, all the have to do is email me at

2 responses to “Truax Wins, But…and other thoughts

  1. Caleb Truax will be a world champion soon. Very exciting fighter. Great personality. Way to go

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