Todd Expects to Make Minnesota Return January 30

James Todd

Though boxer James Todd has headed home to Swansea, Wales for some R&R, he told me that he has an inkling that he will appear on a Seconds Out card again on January 30th.  “Yes, I’m signed.  It looks like John [Tandy], my coach, is doing it all…I will be fighting then.”  Todd suggests that his close friend Kerry Hope could fight then as well.  “Yes, Kerry too.  We hope it’s all worked out before we come back to the US.”

Here’s hoping that Todd can successfully transition from a foreign fighter visiting Minnesota to a local favorite.  The local crowd would love to throw their support behind a brawling Brit, and Todd is cognizant of that potentiality.  At least, he says, “I hope to get better support than last time!”

In a separate interview with Welsh reporter Chris Barney, Todd said that he intends to make his recent loss to Mohammed Kayongo pay dividends. “It was disappointing to lose, but I have to look at the overall picture. This was only the fifth fight I’ve had since turning pro, so maybe it was a fight that came too soon…I realise that I have to get a number of fights under my belt and build myself up before fighting for another title. But the whole experience provided plenty of positives for me — the atmosphere, the build-up, the fight itself.”

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