Kolle-Vanda 2 and Kost-Truax In the Works

Jim Erickson, boxing commissioner for the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe (Grand Casino Hinckley), has confirmed a tip to the Fistic Mystic that Midwest Sports Council (MSC) has come out on top in the bidding for the next boxing show at the casino, and that the headlining bout of the evening is expected to be Andy Kolle-Matt Vanda Part-2.  “Yes, the contract has yet to be routed through corporate control at the casino, so it isn’t final, but that is correct.”

Caleb Truax

Caleb Truax

The tip came from a source with intimate knowledge of the bid, who also asserted that the losing bid from Seconds Out Promotions would have had Caleb Truax fighting Kenny Kost.  Reached for comment, Truax corroborated the report, saying that that fight “is in the works and hopefully both sides can make this fight happen, because it’s a fight that Minnesota boxing fans want to see.”  It’s no sure thing that the fight will happen without casino money, but for his part, Truax definitely wants it.  In fact, he’s been talking about this matchup for at least a year and a half.  In July of 2008 Truax told me that “I’d love to get two or three more fights and then get in with Kenny Kost. He’s an interesting guy, and he’s been around the block. He’s a little smaller than me, but I can get down to his weight without too much trouble. Hopefully he’ll think the same way…”

The two matches are compelling, but the bigger picture is this: with Kolle’s defeat of Anthony Bonsante for the Minnesota middleweight championship last spring and Bonsante’s subsequent retirement, Kolle (19-2 with 14 kayos), Vanda (42-9 with 22 kayos), Kost (14-4 with 6 kayos), and Truax (14-0 with 9 kayos) are the top four middleweights in Minnesota.  If this spring brings us Kolle-Vanda 2 and Truax-Kost, that would amount to a nice little unsanctioned Minnesota middleweight tournament.  A championship match might not be inevitable, but it might turn out to be too lucrative to pass up.

One response to “Kolle-Vanda 2 and Kost-Truax In the Works

  1. These are two major fights coming to Minnesota.

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