Upcoming Boxing Event: February 5th at First Avenue Nightclub in Minneapolis

What to watch for: Minnesota middleweight champ Andy Kolle looks to start the year of right against longtime pro Pat Coleman, himself a former Illinois state titleholder.  Prized prospect Javontae Starks fights for the third time in four months, taking on obscure pro debuter Alexis Gonzales of Milwaukee.  Jeremy McLaurin faces tough but limited Hector Orozco.  Jose Hilario, inactive since turning pro last August, gets back in the swing of things against Joseph Negron.  Don Tierney faces recent Starks conquest Andrew Kato.  Antwan Robertson steps into the prizefighting ring for the first time since his defeat of Brad Patraw in October, this time against winless William Bellcourt.

  • Andy “Kaos” Kolle (19-2 with 14 kayos) -vs- Pat “The Cat” Coleman (29-15 with 20 kayos), middleweights, scheduled for 8 rounds
  • Javontae Starks (2-0 with 2 kayos) -vs- Alexis Gonzales (debut), light middleweights, scheduled for 4 rounds
  • Jeremy McLaurin (6-0 with 4 kayos) -vs- Hector Orozco (1-4 with no kayos), lightweights, scheduled for 4 rounds
  • Jose Hilario (1-0 with 1 kayo) -vs- Joseph Negron (debut), light welterweights, scheduled for 4 rounds
  • Don Tierney (1-1 with no kayos) -vs- Andrew Kato (0-1), welterweights, scheduled for 4 rounds
  • Antwan Robertson (5-1 with 3 kayos) -vs- William Bellcourt (0-1), super slyweights, scheduled for 4 rounds

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