Boxing Results: February 5th at First Avenue Nightclub

Notes from ringside observer John Beinert follow the individual results.

Andy Kolle (now 20-2 with 14 knockouts) defeats Pat Coleman (now 29-16 with 20 knockouts) by TKO after five rounds of eight scheduled (Coleman unable to continue due to swelling around the eyes)

Round 1: Neither man comes out with high offense in the first round.  Kolle lands nice right jabs.  Kolle’s round.

Round 2: Kolle gets off a couple of good combos to start the second.  Kolle lands a hard left halfway through and controls the remainder of the round.

Round 3: Kolle throws repeated one-twos to start the round.  Mostly a quiet round except for one big flurry by Kolle.

Round 4: Coleman’s left eye beginning to swell.  Kolle sends Coleman back into his own corner and knocks him down with a big right.  10-8 round for Kolle.

Round 5: Kolle starts with a flurry then slows down for most of the fifth.  Coleman connects a few nice punches this round, but it isn’t enough to take the round.  Another round for Kolle.

The fight was stopped after the fifth round after Coleman says that he can’t see.  Kolle says afterwards that Coleman was a crafty vet with a good defense.  Kolle confirms again that he’ll be fighting Matt Vanda next.

Javontae Starks (now 3-0 with 3 kayos) defeats Alexis Gonzalez (now 0-1) by TKO in round 1 of 4 scheduled

Gonzalez comes out swinging and Starks backs into a corner.  Starks puts his hands up and hold Gonzalez off.  Starks laughs.  Starks lands a number of left jabs, then a few combinations mid-round.  Starks put Gonzalez in his corner and landed a huge right which bent Gonzalez over.  Starks follows up with lefts and rights, referee stops the fight at 2:51 of the first.

Jeremy McLaurin (now 7-0 with 5 kayos) defeats Hector Orozco (now 1-5 with no kayos) by TKO in round 4 of 4 scheduled

Fight starts super fast, both throwing and landing.  Orozco was the aggresssor in the early going.  Orozco comes out aggressive again in the second.  Orozco has a good flurry halfway through 2nd round.  Orozco maintains his aggressiveness throughout the second, kept McLaurin against the ropes most of the round.  In the third both fighters landed a few good shots.  Neither man stood out this round.  Again Orozco kept McLaurin backed up to the ropes.  The fight was stopped due to a bad cut on Orozco’s left eyelid at 1:41 of the fourth round.  The correspondent believes that Orozco was ahead at the time of the stoppage.

Antwan Robertson (now 6-1 with 4 kayos) defeasts William Bellcourt (now 0-2) by TKO in round 1 of 4 scheduled

Fight starts with a lot of jabs thrown by Robertson.  Got him in his corner once and unloaded both lefts and rights.  The fighters clinched and the ref separated them.  Robertson got Bellcourt back in his corner and landed left and rights until the ref stopped the fight.

Brad Patraw entered the ring after the bout and asked for a rubber match.

Don Tierney (now 2-1 with 1 kayo) defeats Andrew Kato (now 0-2) by TKO in round 2 of 4 scheduled

Kato was the aggressor until the middle of the first round.  After 1 Tierney has dropped him twice and looked much calmer throughout the entire round.  Tierney caught Kato with a left as Kato fell against the ropes.  The left sent Kato into his own corner.  Tierney unleashed left and rights until the ref called it.

Jose Hilario (now 2-0 with 2 kayos) defeats Joseph Negron (now 0-1) by KO in round 2 of 4 scheduled

Wild punches to start, Hilario landed a monster left hook followed by a right as Negron was going down.


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