Amateur Boxing Results: February 20th in Fergus Falls, MN

All results below are believed to be reliable, but not guaranteed to be so.

  • 140# – Chase Alrich (St Cloud) defeats Adam Drewelow (Fergus Falls) – I arrived just as this fight was concluding.
  • 65#Fernando Zalla (Willmar) defeats Matt Umland (Wadena) – Zalla showed good speed and strength in this bout.  Umland had no answers and could barely get close enough to land a shot.
  • 165#James Drewelow (Fergus Falls) defeated Sean Dunblazier (Wadena)
  • 145#Jermey Hoemberg (Wadena) -vs- Matt Mackissoch (Brainerd) – as far as I could tell this fight didn’t happen tonight.
  • 99# – Eloy Zavala (Willmar) defeats Robert Mazaries (Fergus Falls) – this bout was a physical mismatch; Zavala had all the advantages and was happy to take them.  The early rounds went to Zavala on the strength of his length, speed, and strength.  Mazaries finally landed a few shots in the final round, but it was far from enough to tip the scales.
  • 150#Ramsey Welch (St Cloud) -vs- Eugene Garcia (Fergus Falls) – sadly, I have no idea how this bout went as the antics of an unruly patron (not a fan, just a drunk who happened to be at a fight) made it difficult for his neighbors to pay any attention to the ring.


  • 190#Ben Dols (Willmar) defeated Nick Soliah (Fergus Falls) – Dols took  the early intitiative with good aggression and strong punching in the first, but when he slowed Soliah started to take up the slack.  Just when it looked like Soliah had Dols in trouble, Dols came roaring back at the end to regain the scoring advantage.  Afterwards the bruised and bloody Dols joined the crowd at ringside and charmed the spectators with a ready smile and jolly demeanor.
  • Weight uncertain – TJ Steward (Wadena) defeated Sergio Garcia (Fergus Falls) – Steward was more slippery and his punches more crisp than Garcias.  Though the heavy-handed Garcia landed occasional thumping short hooks, his scoring was inadequate against a skilled opponent.  This fight was not listed on the program.
  • 150#Matt Umlauf (Fergus Falls) defeated Zach Zontalli (Brainerd) – I was hoping for a decision win for Zontalli.  Umlauf apparently decided that aggression is the better part of strategy, landing a big handful of power shots and missing many more while Zontalli moved and countered effectively.  Apparently the judges and the crowd know better than me, because Umlauf got a very popular decision.  Who am I to go against the flow?
  • 165#Shane Kern (Detroit Lakes) defeated Travis Petro (Wadena) – Kern is built like a plowhorse and came out throwing bombs.  Petro had very little in answer for Kern until the last round, when Petro came out loaded for bear and landed a lot of good shots.   Unfortunately for Petro, like a valentine card and a red rose delivered on March 14th, it was a case of a good thing coming too late.
  • 145#Rondale Hubbert (Fergus Falls) defeated Christian Andvik (Detroit Lakes) – Though Hubbert gained the win with frequently-landed power shots, Andvik showed good skills and a solid foundation for future success with slick movement and deft counters.  I thought this one ended up surprisingly close, considering Hubbert’s strong start.
  • 150#Jesse Wannamacher (Fergus Falls) defeated Tom Fanjoy (Brainerd) – This one was a near shutout.  Fanjoy landed a few, but he neither threw nor landed anything close to what Wannamacher generated – and Wannamacher had more power, to boot.  This decisive win was a real pleaser for the partisan crowd.

5 responses to “Amateur Boxing Results: February 20th in Fergus Falls, MN

  1. wow… i watched the fight bout ten times and i saw a pretty close first and second round. also the third round i was extremely tired do to my lack of training lately, and was caught by jesse throwing a good number of power punches. he definetely won very decisevely the third round but i didnt think it was a shut out.?

  2. Sorry Tom, I saw it differently. But kudos to you for your toughness and effort.

  3. jesse wannemacher

    I plan on being in much much better shape for the tournaments I felt weaker than id like to for a home fight… Im gona work the best i can at not blocking with my face so much haha.. see ya in wadena tom.. should be another great fight.

  4. ya man u were in good shape ha but ya it will be good im sure. see ya then!

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