Minnesota Boxing Roundup: Winter-Spring 2010

After a midwinter lull that has seen one event canceled, a couple postponed, and a couple of tentatively planned shows dry up and blow away without ever going public, things are starting to look up.

Here’s a look at some things that we know or have heard.

  • On March 5th Minneapolis-based super featherweight Wilton Hilario (12-0 with 9 kayos) faces Martin Honorio (27-4-1 with 14 kayos) in the main event of an ESPN Friday Night Fights show.  Hilario is intended to be a sacrificial lamb for the eleven-year veteran Honorio, who has made a habit of hanging losses on well-regarded prospects.
  • Andy Kolle grants Matt Vanda a long-desired rematch of their 2007 bout, which Kolle won by a narrow but unanimous decision.  The date is April 2nd and the location is Grand Casino Hinckley.  A gentleman’s agreement has Bobby Kliewer as Javontae Starks’ step-up opponent for this event, and not to be overlooked is the pro debut of Jamal James, who is casting aside Golden Gloves tourney season to join Starks under the MSC banner.  Matchmaker Cory Rapacz is loading the undercard with pairings that intrigue, including Gary Eyer-Brad Patraw, Tim Taggart-Tyler Hultin, and the rematch of Jeremy McLaurin-Hector Orozco.
  • April 10th we can expect to see the highly anticipated meeting of Caleb Truax and Phil “The Drill” Williams in Minneapolis.  Neither the location nor the undercard of this Tony Grygelko-promoted event has been announced, but that’s in keeping with Grygelko’s method of management (otherwise known as flying by the seat of his pants).  It’s been widely speculated that some future card will be headlined by the winners of the Kolle-Vanda and Truax-Williams matches.
  • A well-known local boxing personality has made an open secret of his plan to enter the field of promoting, but although a venue has been identified, no further details have been announced.  It remains to be seen whether he can round up enough local boxers to fill a card without poaching other promoters’ stables.

Today’s news item of uncertain importance: on February 17 the website politicsinminnesota.com reported that Governor Pawlenty’s supplemental budget proposal includes a $10,000 cut in the budget of the state Combative Sports Commission.


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